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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
13-Nov-2000An anatomical and photographic technique for forensic facial identificationPorter, Glenn ; Doran, Greg22-Jul-2019
1998The Application of Forensic Photography for Facial Identification MethodsPorter, Glenn ; Doran, Greg22-Aug-2019
1-Apr-2010Atkins v The Emperor: the ‘cautious’ use of unreliable ‘expert’ opinionEdmond, Gary; Kemp, Richard; Porter, Glenn ; Hamer, David; Burton, Mike; Biber, Katherine; Roque, Mehera San8-Aug-2019
10-Jun-2009CCTV images as evidencePorter, Glenn 8-Aug-2019
2018The CSI effectCole, Simon A; Porter, Glenn 16-Jul-2019
24-Jul-2012The CSI effect at university: forensic science students’ television viewing and perceptions of ethical issuesWeaver, Roslyn; Salamonson, Yenna; Koch, Jane; Porter, Glenn 7-Aug-2019
Sep-2019Detection of latent bloodstains at fire scenes using reflected infrared photographyBastide, Belinda; Porter, Glenn ; Renshaw, Adrian12-Sep-2019
Sep-2012Detection of Latent Bloodstains Beneath Painted Surfaces Using Reflected Infrared PhotographyFarrar, Andrew; Porter, Glenn ; Renshaw, Adrian7-Aug-2019
13-Aug-2008The detection of latent residue tattoo ink pigments in skin using invisible radiation photographyMcKechnie, Michelle L; Porter, Glenn ; Langlois, Neil8-Aug-2019
7-Dec-2015Detection of second-generation images using an assessment criteria methodPorter, Glenn ; Ebeyan, Robert31-Jul-2019
2014Forensic PhotographyPorter, Glenn 17-Jan-2020
7-Dec-2015Guest editorialPorter, Glenn 12-Aug-2019
2014How to cross-examine forensic scientists: A guide for lawyersEdmond, Gary; Martire, Kristy; Kemp, Richard; Hamer, David; Hibbert, Brynn; Ligertwood, Andrew; Porter, Glenn ; San Roque, Mehera; Searston, Rachel; Tangen, Jason; Thompson, Matthew; White, David31-Jul-2019
Nov-2013Images as EvidencePorter, Glenn 12-Aug-2019
30-Jan-2011The investigation of a relative contrast index model for fingerprint quantificationVanderwee, Jana; Porter, Glenn ; Renshaw, Adrian; Bell, Michael15-Aug-2019
Mar-2009Law's Looking Glass: Expert Identification Evidence Derived from Photographic and Video ImagesEdmond, Gary; Biber, Katherine; Kemp, Richard; Porter, Glenn 22-Jul-2019
2016Model forensic scienceEdmond, Gary; Found, Bryan; Martire, Kristy; Ballantyne, Kaye; Hamer, David; Searston, Rachel; Thompson, Matthew; Cunliffe, Emma; Kemp, Richard; San Roque, Mehera; Tangen, Jason; Dioso-Villa, Rachel; Ligertwood, Andrew; Hibbert, David; White, David; Ribeiro, Gianni; Porter, Glenn ; Towler, Alice; Roberts, Andrew1-Aug-2019
1-Jan-2011A new theoretical framework regarding the application and reliability of photographic evidencePorter, Glenn 8-Aug-2019
Mar-2015A Novel Method for the Photographic Recovery of Fingermark Impressions from Ammunition Cases Using Digital ImagingPorter, Glenn ; Ebeyan, Robert; Crumlish, Charles; Renshaw, Adrian30-Jul-2019
2012Photographic truth and evidencePorter, Glenn ; Kennedy, Michael8-Aug-2019