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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
14-Feb-2018A 3D anatomical atlas of appendage musculature in the chelicerate arthropod Limulus polyphemusBicknell, Russell D C ; Klinkhamer, Ada J ; Flavel, Richard J ; Wroe, Stephen ; Paterson, John R 1-Mar-2019
1-Apr-2019Abnormal Extant Xiphosurids in the Yale Peabody Museum Invertebrate Zoology CollectionBicknell, Russell ; Pates, Stephen22-Nov-2019
Jun-2018Abnormal xiphosurids, with possible application to Cambrian trilobitesBicknell, Russel D C ; Pates, Stephen; Botton, Mark L12-Mar-2019
24-Oct-2018Computational biomechanical analyses demonstrate similar shell-crushing abilities in modern and ancient arthropodsBicknell, Russel D C ; Ledogar, Justin A ; Wroe, Stephen ; Gutzler, Benjamin C; Watson, Winsor H; Paterson, John R 2-Apr-2019
Jul-2020Crayfish bio-gastroliths from eastern Australia and the middle Cretaceous distribution of ParastacidaeBell, Phil R ; Bicknell, Russell D C ; Smith, Elizabeth T5-Aug-2020
Jul-2020Cuticular microstructure of Australian ant mandibles confirms common appendage constructionBarlow, Molly M ; Bicknell, Russell D C ; Andrew, Nigel R 13-Aug-2019
15-Feb-2019Elongated thoracic spines as potential predatory deterrents in olenelline trilobites from the lower Cambrian of NevadaPates, Stephen; Bicknell, Russell D C 2-Apr-2019
2019Euproops danae (Belinuridae) cluster confirms deep origin of gregarious behaviour in xiphosuridsBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen; Botton, Mark L24-Feb-2020
26-Oct-2018Evolutionary Transition in the Late Neogene Planktonic Foraminiferal Genus TruncorotaliaBicknell, Russell D C ; Collins, Katie S; Crundwell, Martin; Hannah, Michael; Crampton, James S; Campione, Nicolas E 11-Mar-2019
3-Feb-2020Exploring abnormal Cambrian-aged trilobites in the Smithsonian collectionBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen19-Feb-2020
May-2020Geometric morphometric assessment of Guanshan trilobites (Yunnan Province, China) reveals a limited diversity of palaeolenid taxaZhao, Wenyu; Liu, Jianni; Bicknell, Russell D C 5-Aug-2020
Jan-2018The gnathobasic spine microstructure of recent and Silurian chelicerates and the Cambrian artiopodan Sidneyia: Functional and evolutionary implicationsBicknell, Russell D C ; Paterson, John R ; Caron, Jean-Bernard; Skovsted, Christian B2-Apr-2019
Jul-2020Injured trilobites within a collection of dinosaurs: Using the Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology to document Cambrian predationBicknell, Russell D C ; Holland, Brayden21-Sep-2020
12-Apr-2019Nature Red Tooth and Claw: Studies of Extinct and Extant Arthropod Predator-Prey SystemsBicknell, Russell D C 25-Feb-2020
8-Jul-2019Nature Red Tooth and Claw: Studies of Extinct and Extant Arthropod Predator-Prey SystemsBicknell, Russell Dean Christopher ; Wroe, Stephen ; Paterson, John R 25-Feb-2020
2019New insights into the evolution of lateral compound eyes in Palaeozoic horseshoe crabsBicknell, Russell D C ; Amati, Lisa; Ortega-Hernandez, Javier13-Aug-2019
Dec-2019A new limulid genus from the Strelovec Formation (Middle Triassic, Anisian) of northern SloveniaBicknell, Russell D C ; Zalohar, Jure; Miklavc, Primoz; Celarc, Bogomir; Kriznar, Matija; Hitij, Tomaz13-Aug-2019
Aug-2019On the appendicular anatomy of the xiphosurid Tachypleus syriacus and the evolution of fossil horseshoe crab appendagesBicknell, Russell D C ; Brougham, Tom; Charbonnier, Sylvain; Sautereau, Frederic; Hitij, Tomaz; Campione, Nicolas E 13-Aug-2019
9-Jul-2020Pictorial Atlas of Fossil and Extant Horseshoe Crabs, With Focus on XiphosuridaBicknell, Russell D C ; Pates, Stephen21-Sep-2020
12-Dec-2017Quantitative Analysis of Repaired and Unrepaired Damage to Trilobites from the Cambrian (Stage 4, Drumian) Iberian Chains, ne SpainPates, Stephen; Bicknell, Russell D C ; Daley, Allison C; Zamora, Samuel20-Mar-2019