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Jan-20202018-2019 澳大利亚对华农产品出口现状及展望Chen, Ying 23-Apr-2020
1-Mar-20212019-2020 年中澳农产品贸易: 现状与未来Chen, Ying 23-Jun-2021
2017Agricultural Trade under the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement: Challenges and OpportunitiesChen, Ying 24-Apr-2018
2016ChAFTA, Trade, and Food Safety: When the Rubber Hits the RoadChen, Ying 18-Apr-2018
2016China's Investment and Trade in Africa: Neo-Colonialism or Mutual Benefit?Chen, Ying 15-Apr-2017
2009China's One-Child Policy and Its Violations of Women's and Children's RightsChen, Ying 31-May-2017
2011Corporate Social Responsibility from the Chinese PerspectiveChen, Ying 15-Apr-2017
2014Corporate Social Responsibility from the Chinese PerspectiveChen, Ying 27-Apr-2017
2020From Bitter to Better: A Collective Effort to Improve Workers' Rights in the Coffee IndustryChen, Ying 16-Feb-2021
2019Improving Sustainability and Promoting the Right to Holistic Food: The Role of AgribusinessChen, Ying 24-Aug-2020
2013Is the Arab Spring Coming to China? The Missing Piece of the PuzzleChen, Ying 15-Apr-2017
2021Protecting the Right to Food in the Era of COVID-19 and BeyondChen, Ying 21-Jun-2021
2021Regulating Cyber Racism in the United States: Legal and Non-Legal Responses from a Comparative PerspectiveChen, Ying 30-Jul-2021
2008Review of James Harrison, 'The Human Rights Impact of the World Trade Organization': Hart Publishing (2007). 276 pp (ISBN 978-1-84113-693-6).Chen, Ying 24-May-2017
2010The Right to FoodChen, Ying 14-May-2017
2018"So Teacher, What is the Right Answer?" - Incorporating Critical Thinking into the Mexican Legal Education: The Application of the US ModelChen, Ying 25-Jun-2018
2019South Korea's Agricultural Trade Dilemma: Open Markets or Protectionism? Beyond the China-South Korea Free Trade AgreementChen, Ying 28-Apr-2020
2014Trade, Food Security, and Human Rights: The Rules for International Trade in Agricultural Products and the Evolving World Food CrisisChen, Ying 18-Apr-2017
2019中国对澳大利亚农业用地投资相关法律问题研究Chen, Ying 3-Apr-2020
Dec-2018《中澳自由贸易协定》下对澳投资新热点:农业领域合作的现状与前景分析Chen, Ying 3-Dec-2019