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30-Mar-2020The bird remains from Saruq al-Hadid: Insights into human activity and the environment in late prehistoric southeastern ArabiaRoberts, James ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Fillios, Melanie ; Cable, Charlotte ; al-Aali, Yaaqoub Yousef; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan15-Jun-2020
2016The Bronze Age Towers at Bat, Sultanate of Oman: Research by the Bat Archaeological Project, 2007-2012Thornton, Christopher P; Cable, Charlotte ; Possehl, Gregory L6-Jan-2017
2016Conclusion: Between Two Civilizations (redux)Cable, Charlotte ; Thornton, Christopher P4-Apr-2017
2016Evidence for early irrigation at Bat (Wadi Sharsah, northwestern Oman) before the advent of farming villagesDesruelles, Stephane; Fouache, Eric; Murray, Andrew; Eddargach, Wassel; Cammas, Cecilia; Wattez, Julia; Beuzen-Waller, Tara; Martin, Chloe; Tengberg, Margareta; Cable, Charlotte ; Thornton, Christopher13-Oct-2016
2016Excavations at Matariya (Tower 1147)Cable, Charlotte 4-Apr-2017
Dec-2019The exploitation of marine resources at Saruq al‐Hadid: Insights into the movement of people and resources in Bronze and Iron Age south‐eastern ArabiaRoberts, James ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Fillios, Melanie ; Cable, Charlotte ; Carter, Melissa; Youssef al Aali, Yaaqoub; Boraik Radwan, Mansour; Zein, Hassan11-Jun-2020
Dec-2018Integrating a complex late prehistoric settlement system: Neutron activation analysis of pottery use and exchange at Saruq al-Hadid, United Arab EmiratesKaracic, Steven; Weeks, Lloyd ; Cable, Charlotte ; Mery, Sophie; al-Ali, Yaaquob; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan; Glascock, Michael D; MacDonald, Brandi L12-Apr-2019
2016Introduction: Between Two CivilizationsThornton, Christopher P; Cable, Charlotte 4-Apr-2017
2013Monumentality and the Third-millennium "Towers" of the Oman PeninsulaCable, Charlotte ; Thornton, Christopher P3-Feb-2017
2016Other Towers in the Bat AreaCable, Charlotte 8-May-2017
Aug-2019Preliminary insights into late prehistoric fish procurement strategies in the desert interior of southeastern Arabia: The results of LA-ICP-MS analysis of a fish otolith assemblage from Saruq al-Hadid, UAERoberts, James ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Fillios, Melanie ; Cable, Charlotte ; al-Ali, Yaaqoub Youssef; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan15-Jun-2020
Aug-2020The provenance of early Iron Age ferrous remains from southeastern ArabiaStepanov, Ivan S ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Franke, Kristina A ; Overlaet, Bruno; Alard, Olivier; Cable, Charlotte M ; Al Aali, Yaaqoub Yousif; Boraik, Mansour; Zein, Hassan; Grave, Peter 14-Jul-2020
May-2017Recent archaeological research at Saruq al-Hadid, Dubai, UAEWeeks, Lloyd ; Cable, Charlotte ; Franke, Kristina ; Newton, Claire; Karacic, Steven; Roberts, James ; Stepanov, Ivan ; David-Cuny, Helene; Price, David; Bukhash, Rashad Mohammed; Radwan, Mansour Boraik; Zein, Hassan5-Mar-2019
2019Saruq al-Hadid: a persistent temporary place in late prehistoric ArabiaWeeks, L ; Cable, C M ; Franke, K A ; Karacic, S; Newton, C; Roberts, J ; Stepanov, I ; McRae, I K; Moore, M W ; David-Cuny, H; Aali, Y Y Al; Boraik, M; Zein, H M12-Apr-2019
Jan-2019Scrapping ritual: Iron Age metal recycling at the site of Saruq al-Hadid (U.A.E.)Stepanov, Ivan ; Weeks, Lloyd ; Franke, Kristina ; Rodemann, Thomas; Salvemini, Filomena; Cable, Charlotte ; Al Ali, Yaaqoub; Boraik Radwan, Mansour; Zein, Hassan; Grave, Peter 14-Jul-2020
2013Three Seasons at Kasr al-Khafaji (Tower 1146) at Bat, OmanThornton, C P; Cable, Charlotte ; Possehl, G L23-Apr-2017