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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015Australia lags behind the evidence on special schoolsBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Jo ; Swayn, Natalie29-Sep-2015
2015Declining NAPLAN participation rates are likely skewing the dataAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Christopher 17-Jun-2015
2014Disability funding in schools shouldn't be based on stateBoyle, Chris ; Anderson, Jo 19-Aug-2014
2014The Ecology of Inclusive Education: Reconceptualising BronfenbrennerAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Christopher ; Deppeler, Joanne6-Sep-2014
2014The ecology of inclusive education: Reconceptualising Bronfenbrenner as a framework for research into inclusionAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014
2020Emotional and Physical safety design for students with disabilities in ILEsPage, Angela ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Anderson, Jo 10-Jun-2021
2021Fostering school connectedness online for students with diverse learning needs: inclusive education in Australia during the COVID-19 pandemicPage, Angela ; Charteris, Jennifer ; Anderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 13-Apr-2021
2020'Good' Education in a Neo-Liberal Paradigm: Challenges, Contradictions and ConsternationsAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 3-Nov-2020
2020The Importance of Teacher Attitudes to Inclusive EducationBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Joanna ; Allen, Kelly-Ann3-Nov-2020
2020Including into What? Reigniting the 'Good Education' Debate in an Age of DiversityAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 3-Nov-2020
-Including students with disabilities in innovative learning environments: a model for inclusive practicesPage, Angela ; Anderson, Jo ; Charteris, Jennifer 29-Jun-2021
2020Inclusive Education and the Progressive InclusionistsBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Joanna 29-Jul-2021
Feb-2015Inclusive education in Australia: rhetoric, reality and the road aheadAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 29-Oct-2020
2015Inclusive education in Australia: Rhetoric, reality and the road aheadAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Chris 18-May-2015
2015Inclusive education in pre-schools: predictors of pre-service teacher attitudes in AustraliaHoskin, Jake; Boyle, Chris ; Anderson, Jo 13-Sep-2015
2020Inclusive education: An Enigma of 'Wicked' ProportionsAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher ; Page, Angela ; Mavropoulou, Sofia3-Nov-2020
3-Sep-2020The justification for inclusive education in AustraliaBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Joanna 3-Nov-2020
2019Looking in the mirror: reflecting on 25 years of inclusive education in AustraliaAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 3-Nov-2020
2020The matter of 'evidence' in the inclusive education debateBoyle, Christopher ; Koutsouris, George; Salla Mateu, Anna; Anderson, Joanna 29-Jul-2021
2015NAPLAN data and school funding: a dangerous linkAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Chris 3-Sep-2015