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2012Advertising of Pharmaceutical Products by Online Pharmacies: Need for Specific Legal GovernanceMarimuthu, Sharllene ; Jayabalan, Sheela15-May-2014
2013'Choice of law' in e-commerce consumer transaction: the freedom that needs protectionJayabalan, Sheela; Marimuthu, Sharllene 6-Sep-2013
2007Equitable Practice of Online PharmacyMarimuthu, Sharllene 3-Jun-2015
2011Excluding Food from Classification as Medicinal Products: The Implication on Consumer ProtectionMarimuthu, Sharllene 2-Dec-2014
2016Food Crime in FinlandLahteenmaki-Uutela, Anu; Tahkapaa, Satu; Nummela, Heidi; Marimuthu, Sharllene 14-May-2018
11-Jun-2018The impact of the insect regulatory system on the insect marketing systemLahteenmaki-Uutela, A; Henault-Ethier, L; Marimuthu, S B ; Talibov, S; Allen, R N; Nemane, V ; Vandenberg, G W; Jozefiak, D5-Nov-2019
2018Law of Evidence in MalaysiaOmar, Habibah; Marimuthu, Siva Barathi ; Mahali, Mazlina16-Aug-2019
2005Online Advertising: Legal Issues and ChallengesMarimuthu, Sharllene 6-Sep-2013
2012The Regulation of the Advertising of Medicinal Products in MalaysiaMarimuthu, Sharllene 5-Mar-2014
11-Feb-2019Relationships, Risk and Remuneration: ASX200 Directors’ practice of the ASX Corporate Governance Council PrinciplesCooke, Saranne; Perry, Mark ; Conway, Mary-Louise ; Sheridan, Alison ; Marimuthu, Siva Barathi 26-Jun-2019
2016Should Direct to Consumer Advertisements (DTCA) of Prescription Drugs Remain Banned in Malaysia?Marimuthu, Sharllene 11-Jul-2016
2012Surrogacy Arrangements: Law and Morality Issues in the Malaysian PerspectiveJayabalan, Sheela; Marimuthu, Sharllene 5-Mar-2014
2013System of pre-approval of advertisements of medicinal products in MalaysiaMarimuthu, Sharllene ; Jayabalan, Sheela6-Sep-2013