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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Antisocial personality disorder and therapeutic justice court programsCannon, Andrew; Doley, Rebekah; Ferguson, Claire ; Brooks, Nathan17-May-2013
2009Arson in AustraliaFerguson, Claire ; Kreeger, Jared26-May-2014
2009AssaultFerguson, Claire 27-May-2014
2016Assessing Police Classifications of Sexual Assault Reports: A Meta-Analysis of False Reporting RatesFerguson, Claire ; Malouff, John M 17-May-2016
2009Behavioral Consistency, the Homology Assumption, and the Problems of InductionPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 9-May-2014
2014Behavioral Consistency, the Homology Assumption, and the Problems of InductionPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 3-Oct-2013
2013Copycat Firesetting: Bridging Two Research AreasDoley, Rebekah; Ferguson, Claire ; Surette, Raymond16-Dec-2013
2009Crime and DeviancePetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 27-May-2014
2010Criminal ProfilingPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 25-Mar-2014
2012Criminal Profiling: Behavioural Consistency, the Homology Assumption and Case LinkagePetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 27-May-2013
2013Deliberate Firesetting in Australia: An Evidence-based Treatment ApproachFerguson, Claire 7-Feb-2014
2010Ethics for the Forensic CriminologistPetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 25-Mar-2014
2009The False Allegation: A Construct of DevianceTurvey, Brent E; McGrath, Michael; Ferguson, Claire 27-May-2014
2010Forensic CriminologyPetherick, Wayne; Turvey, Brent; Ferguson, Claire 7-Feb-2014
2009Intimate Partner Violence and HomicideFerguson, Claire 27-May-2014
2009An Introduction to Crime and DeviancePetherick, Wayne; Ferguson, Claire 27-May-2014
2013Investigating Staged Crime ScenesFerguson, Claire 7-Feb-2014
2013Investigating Staged Crime Scenes: Responding to the Leahy/Arnold Inquest FindingsFerguson, Claire 7-Feb-2014
2014Investigative RelevanceFerguson, Claire 4-Oct-2013
2009Investigative RelevanceFerguson, Claire 9-May-2014