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2017Efficiency-Based Ranking: A Case of Vietnamese Public UniversitiesTran, Thi ; Crawford, Michael; Villano, Renato 30-May-2018
2017An empirical analysis of the performance of Vietnamese higher education institutionsTran, Thi ; Villano, Renato 1-Jun-2017
-Financial Efficiency of Tertiary Education Institutions: A Second-Stage Dynamic Network Data Envelopment Analysis MethodTran, Carolyn-Dung T T ; Villano, Renato A 18-Mar-2019
2017Input Rigidities and Performance of Vietnamese UniversitiesTran, Thi ; Villano, Renato 19-Jan-2018
-Measuring disaster resilience in the Philippines: evidence using network data envelopment analysisVillano, Renato A ; Magcale-Macandog, Damasa B; Acosta, Lilibeth A; Tran, Carolyn-Dung Thi Thanh ; Eugenio, Elena A; Macandog, Paula Beatrice M24-Jun-2019
2018Performance of private higher education institutions in Vietnam: evidence using DEA-based bootstrap directional distance approach with quasi-fixed inputsVillano, Renato A ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung T T 27-Mar-2019
-Population size or population density? An empirical examination of scale economies in South Australian local government, 2015/16Tran, Carolyn ; Kortt, Michael ; Dollery, Brian 27-Mar-2019
-Survey on technical efficiency in higher education: A meta‐fractional regression analysisVillano, Renato A ; Tran, Carolyn-Dung T T 10-Sep-2019