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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013Apology and Reconciliation in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, the United States, and AustraliaDavis, John; Davis, Carol; Stone, Ariel; Page, James S ; Whitley, Michael; West, Doe22-May-2014
2016The best lesson I ever taughtPage, James S 6-Oct-2016
2009Co-ordinating Peace Research and Education in Australia: A Report from the Canberra Forum of 2 May, 2008Page, James S 16-Dec-2014
2014The Culture of Surveillance: A major ethical challenge for our timesPage, James S 6-Jan-2015
2008Deconstrucing the Enduring Appeal of the Third ReichPage, James S 16-Dec-2014
2013Definitions of Peace and Reconciliation in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, the United States, and AustraliaPage, James S ; An, Sarah; Whitley, Michael; West, Doe; Davis, John; Davis, Carol21-May-2014
2013Definitions of War, Torture and Terrorism in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the United StatesDavis, John M; Planje, Elizabeth; Davis, Carol; Page, James S ; Whitley, Michael; O'Neil, Shane; West, Doe22-May-2014
2017The Ethical Complexities of Same-Sex Marriage ReformPage, James 13-Feb-2018
2015Fixing global governancePage, James S 9-Feb-2016
2014The interaction between phenomenology and religionPage, James S 9-Jan-2015
18-Dec-2018Is telling the truth in the public interest?Page, James 19-Mar-2019
2016Learning how to teachPage, James S 18-Nov-2016
2016Make Australia Christian again?: Review of 'Post-God Nation', Author: Roy Williams, Publisher: ABC Books, 2015.Page, James S 11-Aug-2016
2010Making Sense of Australia's War MemorialsPage, James S 16-Dec-2014
2014Peace EducationPage, James S 9-Feb-2015
2008Peace Education: Exploring Ethical and Philosophical FoundationsPage, James S 31-Mar-2015
2013Perspectives on Invasion: Great Britain, Northern Ireland, United States, Canada, and AustraliaPage, James S ; Davis, John M; Whitley, Michael; Stone, Ariel; Schaaf, Tessa; West, Doe22-May-2014
2013Perspectives on Protest in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Canada, the United States and AustraliaMercurio, Andrea; Page, James S ; Mendlein, Alyssa; Bales, Emily; Davis, John; Davis, Carol; Whitley, Michael; West, Doe21-May-2014
2014Reclaiming the Kellogg-Briand PactPage, James S 6-Aug-2014
2015Review of Peter Bowden, 'In the Public Interest: Protecting Whistleblowers and Those Who Speak Out': Melbourne, Tilde Publishing, 2014.Page, James S 4-Nov-2015