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2014Asymmetric changes in Australia's small business loan rateValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George ; Kotey, Bernice A 28-Nov-2014
2017Can foreign direct investment harness energy consumption in China? A time series investigationSalim, Ruhul; Yao, Yao; Chen, George ; Zhang, Lin15-Jul-2017
2014A Cluster Analysis of Petrol Profit Margins across Various Regional and Urban Locations in AustraliaValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George ; Anderson, John 17-Jun-2014
2017Does foreign direct investment crowd in or crowd out private domestic investment in China? The effect of entry modeChen, George ; Yao, Yao; Malizard, Julien13-Feb-2017
2017Does human capital matter for energy consumption in China?Salim, Ruhul; Yao, Yao; Chen, George 9-Nov-2017
2017Does income inequality hinder economic growth? New evidence using Australian taxation statisticsKennedy, Tom; Smyth, Russell; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George 17-Jul-2017
2014An empirical analysis of the US stock market and output growth volatility spillover effects on three Anglo-Saxon countriesValadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George 9-Apr-2014
-Foreign-Specific Agglomerations and the Location of Taiwanese Direct Investment in ChinaChen, George 4-Apr-2012
2019How New Economic Geography Explains Provincial Wage Disparities: Generalised Methods of Moments ApproachHoang, H T; Huynh, L T D; Chen, G S 6-May-2019
2013How Useful Is the Yield Curve as a Predictor for Output Growth in Australia?Chen, George 30-Jun-2014
2016How useful is the yield spread as a predictor of growth in Australia?Chen, George ; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Grant, Bligh13-Feb-2017
Nov-2018Linking early alert systems and student retention: a survival analysis approachVillano, Renato ; Harrison, Scott ; Lynch, Grace ; Chen, George 26-Feb-2019
2016Microeconometric Analysis of the Relationships Between Early Alert Systems and Student RetentionHarrison, Scott Andrew; Villano, Renato ; Lynch, Grace ; Chen, George 20-Dec-2016
-A new patent system to usher in a new economyMeng, Sam ; Chen, George S 19-Mar-2019
-Provincial Characteristics and the Determinants of Taiwanese Investment in ChinaChen, George 4-Apr-2012
2017Refitting the Kuznets curve using a gender-specific threshold modelKennedy, Tom; Smyth, Russell; Valadkhani, Abbas ; Chen, George 13-Feb-2017
-Regional Distribution of Taiwanese Direct Investment in China: Recent Trends and DeterminantsChen, George 4-Apr-2012
2015Waishang Jiju Dui Waishang Zhijie Touzi Quwei Xuanze Yingxiang Yanjiu: Laizi Taiwan Diqu Dui Zhongguo Dalu Touzi De Jingyan ShujuXie, Meng-jun; Chen, George 3-Nov-2015