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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2017Academic Staff Perceptions on the E-Learning Recommender System: A Case of Saudi ArabiaAlharbi, Hadeel; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 17-Jul-2017
2015The Acceptance of E-learning Recommender System for Saudi Universities: Framework and HypothesesAlharbi, Hadeel; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Brown, Trevor C 10-Oct-2017
2012The Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Financial Performance: Some Propositions and Research AgendaAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Bazhair, Ayman12-Jun-2012
2015Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility Practices - A Study of Construct Development and Scale CreationAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 25-May-2015
2015Adoption of Corporate Social Responsibility: Board Competencies and RolesAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 1-Jun-2015
2012Adoption of ERP Systems and Financial Performance: Some Propositions and Research AgendaBazhair, Ayman; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Alshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Filfilan, Assaf22-Jul-2013
2012Australian University Adoption of the E-Services System: A Case StudySandhu, Kamaljeet 25-May-2012
2011Australian University Adoption of the E-Services System: A Case StudySandhu, Kamaljeet 18-May-2012
2012An Australian University Implementing E-Learning SystemSandhu, Kamaljeet 13-Jun-2012
2012Australian Users' Interactions with E-Services in a Virtual EnvironmentSandhu, Kamaljeet 8-Nov-2012
2011Case Analysis from an Australian University's E-Learning SystemSandhu, Kamaljeet 18-May-2012
2012Case Study Findings from Human Interaction with Web E-Services: Qualitative Data AnalysisSandhu, Kamaljeet 8-Nov-2012
2016Corporate Governance Factors Affecting the Adoption of CSR Practices and Improved Financial Performance in Saudi Listed CompaniesAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Zamil; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Mihret, Dessalegn23-Nov-2016
2020Digital Systems Innovation for Health Data AnalyticsSandhu, Kamaljeet 4-May-2020
2019Discovery of New Knowledge for an LMS at Jordanian UniversitiesAl Amoush, Abdeleh Bassam; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 10-Feb-2019
2008E-Services Acceptance Model (E-SAM)Sandhu, Kamaljeet 20-Jan-2012
2012E-Services System Acceptance at an Australian University: A Case StudySandhu, Kamaljeet 13-Jun-2012
2015The Effect of Board Monitoring Role on the integration of Corporate Social Responsibility into Corporate Governance: A Qualitative InvestigationAlshareef, Mohammed Naif Z; Sandhu, Kamaljeet 12-Jun-2015
2013Empirical Analysis for E-Services Acceptance Model: Important FindingsSandhu, Kamaljeet 16-Oct-2017
2016Enterprise Resource Planning Systems: Factors for Acceptance, and Impact on the Financial Performance of Saudi Arabian Listed CompaniesBazhair, Ayman; Sandhu, Kamaljeet ; Mihret, Dessalegn22-Aug-2016