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2006Arnold Schoenberg and the Intertextuality of Composing and PerformanceShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
2003At the Crossroads: Schönberg's Wartime Compositions and His Crisis of Faith, 1914-1918Shaw, Jennifer 19-Apr-2010
2010The Cambridge Companion to SchoenbergShaw, Jennifer ; Auner, Joseph1-Jun-2011
May-2004Editorial: Musicology AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
2003Editorial: Musicology AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
Jun-2005Editorial: Musicology AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 19-Apr-2010
2010Introduction to 'The Cambridge Companion to Schoenberg'Shaw, Jennifer ; Auner, Joseph1-Jun-2011
2003Modernism, 'The Canon' and Schoenberg Reception in AustraliaShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
2013Nordic Confluences: Interpreting the Socio-Cultural Narratives of Nordic Confluent Jazz MusicRorke, Daniel; Shaw, Jennifer ; Ryan, John S ; Alter, Andrew23-Sep-2013
2014PrefaceShaw, Jennie 2-Feb-2015
2006The Republic of the Mind: Politics, the Arts and Ideas in Schoenberg's Post-War ProjectsShaw, Jennifer 20-Apr-2010
2010Schoenberg's collaborationsShaw, Jennifer 1-Jun-2011
2004Schoenberg's Rilke Settings and the Fragmentation of WarShaw, Jennifer 31-Mar-2010
2017A Study of the Critical Reception and the Dissemination of Luciano Berio's WorksBeretin, Nena; Shaw, Jennifer ; Game-Lopata, Jennifer 5-Feb-2018