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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2005The Accessible HegelFox, MA 18-Sep-2008
2008Animals in Moral SpaceFox, Michael Allen ; McLean, Lesley 16-Aug-2009
2010AnthropocentrismFox, Michael Allen 22-Sep-2010
2010AntivivisectionismFox, Michael Allen 22-Sep-2010
2006'Boundless Compassion': The Contemporary Relevance of Schopenhauer's EthicsFox, MA 13-May-2008
2013Childhood and the Environment in 'The Little Prince'Hale, Elizabeth ; Fox, Michael A 6-Mar-2014
2010Compassion & PeaceFox, Michael Allen 29-Sep-2010
2006Compassion as an Antidote to CrueltyFox, MA 13-May-2008
1999Deep VegetarianismFox, Michael Allen 16-Jul-2009
2010Eastern Religions, Influences ofFox, Michael A 30-May-2011
2008Eating Our Way to a Better FutureFox, Michael Allen 6-Aug-2009
2004An Empirical Approach to Legal Rights for Animals: Some Pluses, More MinusesFox, MA 30-Jul-2008
2006Gandhi and the World Environmental CrisisFox, Michael Allen 17-Feb-2010
2016Home: A Very Short IntroductionFox, Michael Allen 7-Nov-2016
2016Homespun ThoughtsFox, Michael Allen 20-Mar-2017
2005Midgley, Mary Beatrice (née Scrutton: 1919- )Fox, Michael Allen 15-Apr-2010
2007A New Look At Personal IdentityFox, Michael Allen 5-Aug-2009
2018Nonviolence and Pacifism in the Long Nineteenth CenturyFox, Michael 30-May-2018
2005Poker as a Metaphor for LifeFox, Michael Allen 14-Jul-2009
2015Reflections on ViolenceFox, Michael A 4-Nov-2015