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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2002Adorno and the modern ethos of freedomHearfield, Colin ; McDonald, William ; Lynch, Anthony 21-Jun-2012
2017Atheism and Morality, Guilt and Shame: Why the Moral Complacency of the New Atheism is a MistakeLynch, Anthony J ; Dahanayake, Nisha21-May-2017
2007Autonomy at workJames, Paul Bradford; D'Agustino, Fred; Lynch, Anthony ; Walsh, Adrian 16-Sep-2009
2014Being Honest about the Cosmopolitan Dream of Solidarity with StrangersLynch, Anthony J ; Utley, Fiona19-Aug-2016
2006Beyond Left & Right: freedom and securityLynch, Anthony J 14-Oct-2010
2004Can Individual Morality and Commercial Life be Reconciled?Walsh, AJ ; Lynch, AJ 29-Jul-2008
2012Comment on Giuseppe A. Micheli/2Scott, Alan ; Lynch, Anthony J 31-Jul-2014
2003Constitutional Recognition of the Natural Environment in the Context of Regionalism: A Way For Australia To Ensure The Economic Environment Complements The Natural EnvironmentMcDonald, Kevin James; Lynch, Anthony 5-Feb-2016
2015The Cosmopolitan Dream: Withdrawal, Empire and the ChurchLynch, Anthony J 23-Aug-2016
2010Deliberating From One's VirtuesLynch, Anthony J 19-Jul-2013
2003The Development of Price Formation Theory and Subjectivism about Ultimate ValuesWalsh, AJ ; Lynch, AJ 2-May-2008
2006Drug User Counseling, Remuneration and EthicsWalsh, Adrian John ; Lynch, Anthony James 8-Jul-2009
2014Ecological Speculative Fiction: A Study of Futuristic Humans, their Technological 'Worlds', and their Relationship to Non-Human NatureHawkins, Julie ; Ryan, John S ; Bristow, Thomas ; Lynch, Anthony 28-Jan-2015
2013Environmental Values and the Ecological Crisis: A Drama-logueNorris, Stephen John; Lynch, Anthony ; Forrest, Peter ; McDonald, William 1-Oct-2013
2013The Genealogy of Contemporary Nature/Forest ConservationKhan, Mohammad Tanzim; Lynch, Anthony J 12-Feb-2014
2007Global warming, contemporary politics & the principle of least disruptionLynch, Anthony James ; Jenkins, Bertram A 14-Jul-2009
2013The Great Solipsit: Reading the First EmperorLynch, Anthony J 19-Jan-2015
2010Growing up in a surveillance society: The changing spaces of childhood experienceRooney, Tonya; Lynch, Anthony ; Gray, Frances; McDonald, William ; Walsh, Adrian 17-Jan-2012
2016The Heretical Romantic Heroism of Beau BrummellLynch, Anthony J 22-Aug-2016
2007A History of the Idea 'Moral Economy': Markets, Conventions and the Philosophy of Popular EntitlementOwen, John Robert; Lynch, Anthony ; Kent, David ; Walsh, Adrian 4-Jun-2014