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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2017Acquaintance with UniversalsForrest, Peter 25-May-2017
2010Armstrong, D. M.Forrest, Peter 7-Dec-2010
2010Can a Souffl√© Rise Twice? Van Inwagen's Irresponsible Time-TravelersForrest, Peter 17-Sep-2010
2006Collective Guilt; Individual ShameForrest, Peter 1-May-2009
2014Conflicting Intuitions about SpaceForrest, Peter 23-Apr-2014
2015A Critical Reading of the Writings of John Shelby Spong: With a Focus on His Treatment of the Resurrection in Early ChristianityLilley, Gordon Mitford; Garland, Lynda; Forrest, Peter ; Dillon, Matthew 6-Jan-2016
2007Developmental Theism: From Pure Will to Unbounded LoveForrest, Peter 29-Apr-2009
2009Divine Fission: A New Way of Moderating Social TrinitarianismForrest, Peter 6-Oct-2010
2006Endurance and FatalismForrest, Peter 1-Jul-2009
2013Environmental Values and the Ecological Crisis: A Drama-logueNorris, Stephen John; Lynch, Anthony ; Forrest, Peter ; McDonald, William 1-Oct-2013
2006Epistemic BootstrappingForrest, Peter 7-May-2009
2013An Examination of John Schellenberg's Austere UltimismForrest, Peter 16-Sep-2013
2013Exemplification and ParthoodForrest, Peter 12-Dec-2014
2006General Facts, Physical Necessity, and the Metaphysics of TimeForrest, Peter 30-Jun-2008
2004Grit or Gunk: Implications of the Banach-Tarski ParadoxForrest, Peter 6-Aug-2008
2002Heterodox Probability TheoryForrest, Peter 14-May-2009
2010The Identity of IndiscerniblesForrest, Peter 12-Nov-2010
2011In Defence of Anthropomorphic TheismForrest, Peter 20-Oct-2011
2009The Incarnation: A philosophical Case for KenosisForrest, Peter 23-Nov-2010
2010Materialism, AustralianForrest, Peter 7-Dec-2010