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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006American EmpireBrasted, Howard Vining 1-May-2009
2015Balancing the State's Interests vis-á-vis Migrant Workers' Rights in Macau: An Analysis of the Macau Government's Migrant Labour Management Strategies, Migrant Workers' Rights and Labour ProtectionsPao, Sio Iu; Kaur, Amarjit ; Brasted, Howard 11-Jan-2016
1999China and Muslim Separatism: The Case of Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous RegionHan, Lin; Brasted, Howard ; Wright, Denis17-Jun-2016
1999Communal Politics, Sindhi Separatism, and the Creation of Pakistan 1920-1951Boreham, Noel; Brasted, Howard ; Masselos, Jim22-Dec-2010
2009Contested Representations in Historical Perspective: Images of Islam and Australian Press, 1950-2000Brasted, Howard V 17-Nov-2009
2001Contested representations in historical Perspective: Images of Islam and the Australian Press 1950-2000Brasted, HV 26-Sep-2008
2014Denis Wright (1947-2013)Brasted, Howard V ; Kent, David ; James, Tracey6-Jul-2017
2002Fire, The BJP and Moral SocietyMarsh, Julie; Brasted, Howard Vining 22-May-2009
2007Fire, the BJP, and Moral SocietyMarsh, Julie; Brasted, Howard V 14-Mar-2012
2010The Governors of British India During Lord Irwin's Viceroyalty 1926-1931Macnamara, Michael; Brasted, Howard ; Zafarullah, Habib 6-Jul-2010
2011Islam and 'the clash of civilisations?' An historical perspectiveBrasted, Howard V ; Khan, Adeel12-Jun-2012
2005Islam and Identity in South Asia: at the crossroads of confusion and confrontation?Brasted, HV 5-Aug-2008
2013An Islamic Conception of Conflict Transformation for the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan-Through An Examination of the Historical Discourses of West-Islam Relations and the Framework of Peace PathwaysOrakzai, Saira Bano; Brasted, Howard ; Khan, Adeel; Jenkins, Bertram 5-Nov-2013
2013Islamic Schools in Australia: Muslims in Australia or Australian Muslims?Jones, Peter Duncan Phipps; Brasted, Howard ; Zafarullah, Habib 4-Nov-2013
2007'Maya' in the Modern World: Art Forms, Politics, and IdentityMarsh, Julie Anne; Brasted, Howard ; Wright, Denis1-Sep-2010
2003The Muslim Women's Movement in Indonesia: A Study of the Aisyiyah Organisation, 1966-2001Nurdin, Ahmad Ali; Brasted, Howard 16-Feb-2016
2006A New World Disorder in the Making?: An Historical AssessmentBrasted, HV 25-Jul-2008
2007Pakistan, the BJP, and the Politics of IdentityBrasted, Howard Vining ; Khan, Adeel16-Feb-2010
2002Pakistan, the BJP, and the Politics of IdentityBrasted, Howard Vining ; Khan, A1-May-2009
2006Permian brachiopods from Peninsular Malaysia, Thailand, and Cambodia: implications for biogeography, palaeogeography, and the tectonic evolution of SE AsiaSone, Masatoshi; Brasted, Howard ; Metcalfe, Ian ; Leman, Mohd S; Shi, Guang4-Nov-2010