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2009As Like the Moon: for Flute, Violin, Vibraphone and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2009Ayoub wa Naasa (Job and Naasa): Suite for Clarinet in Bb, French Horn, Violin, Piano and PercussionGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2011Birds on the Water: for solo clarinetGhandar, Ann 11-Feb-2015
2009Blue Gazelles: for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet in B♭, Violin and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2012The Changing Sea: for Piano SoloGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2013Coloured Lights with Cloud: for piano soloGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2010The Deforming Prism: Messiaen's 'Four Studies in Rhythm'Ghandar, Ann 31-Oct-2014
2005Do You Speak Music?Ghandar, Ann 13-May-2010
2011Flowing Water and Birds: for Violin, Cello and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2008Fragmentary RagsGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2011Only the Voice was Visible: Trio for Flute, Violin and PianoGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2013Orchid Tree: for piano soloGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2008White Butterflies with RainbowGhandar, Ann 6-Feb-2015
2003Words Written in Water: The Language of Music CompositionGhandar, Anne 2-Jun-2010