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1998Bones for the Growling Dog?: The New State Movements in Northern New South Wales 1915-1930Farrell, John Joseph; Bridge, Carl; Atchison, John ; Ferry, John19-Jan-2016
2014Building bridges, building worlds: the unique contribution to the University of New England of Lionel GilbertAtchison, John 27-Jan-2015
2006Colonial SettlementAtkinson, Alan Thomas ; Atchison, John Francis 6-May-2009
2007Ollera and its people: A social and cultural history of a New England pastoral station, 1838--1914Rodwell, Margaret Eleanor; Atchison, John ; Kent, David 14-Sep-2010
2014SaumarezAtchison, John 24-Nov-2015
2006Travelling and CommunicatingAtkinson, Alan Thomas ; Atchison, John Francis 6-May-2009
1996Who Would Want to be a Refugee? A comparative analysis of Australian and Canadian Refugee Policy and LawSinclair, Charles Edward; Atchison, John ; Zan, Myint; Marshall, Neil23-Dec-2015
2002Women, Witchcraft and the Law in Early Modern Wales (1536-1736): A Continuation of Customary PracticeParkin, Sally; Fulton, Helen; Kent, David ; Atchison, John 4-Dec-2017