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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Feb-2021150 years of mammal extinction and invasion at Koonchera Dune in the Lake Eyre Basin of South AustraliaVernes, Karl ; Elliott, Todd F ; Jackson, Stephen M30-Apr-2021
23-Feb-2017(2491) Proposal to conserve the name Rhizophagus with a conserved type (Fungi: Glomeromycota: Glomeraceae)Walker, Christopher; Trappe, James M; Schüßler, Arthur; Hawksworth, David L; Cazares, Efren; Elliott, Todd F ; Redecker, Dirk; McNeill, John; Redhead, Scott A; Wiersema, John H10-Jun-2021
1-Jan-2016Animal-Fungal Interactions 1: Notes on Bowerbird's Use of FungiElliott, Todd F ; Marshall, Peter A8-Jun-2021
26-Aug-2018Animal-fungal interactions 2: First report of mycophagy by the Eastern European Hedgehog, Erinaceus concolor Martin, 1837 (Mammalia: Eulipotyphla: Erinaceidae)Elliott, Todd F ; Trappe, James M; Türkoğlu, Aziz17-Jun-2021
26-Feb-2019Animal-fungal interactions 3: first report of mycophagy by the African Brush-tailed Porcupine Atherurus africanus Gray, 1842 (Mammalia: Rodentia: Hystricidae)Elliott, Todd F ; Truong, Camille; Séné, Olivier; Henkel, Terry W1-Jun-2021
2020Animal-Fungal Interactions 4: Observations of Coleopteran use of Ganoderma and other fungi in the southern Appalachian MountainsElliott, Todd F 17-Jun-2021
26-May-2015Australasian Sequestrate Fungi 19: Hysterangium colossum sp. nov.Elliott, Todd F ; Trappe, James M; Weise, Armin1-Jun-2021
26-Sep-2019Australasian sequestrate Fungi 20: Russula scarlatina (Agaricomycetes: Russulales: Russulaceae), a new species from dry grassy woodlands of southeastern AustraliaElliott, Todd F ; Trappe, James M1-Jun-2021
May-2021Camera trap detection of mycophagy among co-occurring vertebratesElliott, Todd F ; Vernes, Karl 4-May-2021
2016Chelonoidis denticulata (Yellow-Footed Tortoise)Lodge, Thomas M; Elliott, Todd F ; Henkel, Terry W17-Jun-2021
2016Coluber constrictor (North American Racer)Elliott, Todd F 17-Jun-2021
May-2021Diets of mammalian carnivores in the deserts of north-eastern South AustraliaVernes, Karl ; Jackson, Stephen M; Elliott, Todd F ; Tischler, Max; Harper, Andrew28-Apr-2021
2020The endangered Hastings River mouse (Pseudomys oralis) as a disperser of ectomycorrhizal fungi in eastern AustraliaElliott, Todd F ; Townley, Sally; Johnstone, Charmaine; Meek, Paul ; Gynther, Ian; Vernes, Karl 3-May-2021
1-Dec-2020Entoloma sequestratum, a new species from northern Thailand, and a worldwide key to sequestrate taxa of Entoloma (Entolomataceae)Elliott, T F ; Nelsen, D J; Karunarathna, S C; Stephenson, S L1-Jun-2021
Dec-2020First records of myxomycetes from Bathurst Island (one of the Tiwi Islands) in the Northern Territory, AustraliaWhite, Mary A; Elliott, Todd F ; Kennedy, Brooke P A; Stephenson, Steven L2-Jun-2021
17-Sep-2019A global review of the ecological significance of symbiotic associations between birds and fungiElliott, Todd F ; Jusino, Michelle A; Trappe, James M; Lepp, Heino; Ballard, Guy-Anthony ; Bruhl, Jeremy ; Vernes, Karl 28-Apr-2021
Sep-2016Hypogeous fungus foray in AustraliaElliott, Todd F ; Vernes, Karl ; Trappe, Jim17-Jun-2021
4-Sep-2020Hysterangium bonobo: a newly described truffle species that is eaten by bonobos in the Democratic Republic of CongoElliott, Todd F ; Georgiev, Alexander V; Lokkasola, Albert Lotana; Smith, Matthew E1-Jun-2021
2008Imaia, a new truffle genus to accommodate Terfezia giganteaKovács, Gábor M; Trappe, James M; Alsheikh, Abdulmagid M; Bóka, Károly; Elliott, Todd F 1-Jun-2021
Dec-2016Kombocles bakaiana gen. sp. nov. (Boletaceae), a new sequestrate fungus from CameroonCastellano, Michael A; Elliott, Todd F ; Truong, Camille; Séné, Olivier; Dentinger, Bryn T M; Henkel, Terry W10-Jun-2021