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2002An application of dynamic assessment to school mathematical learningBerman, Jeanette ; Pegg, John ; Vine, Kenneth ; Paterson, David; Redden, Ted ; Graham, Lorraine7-Feb-2018
2003Identifying High Academic Potential in Australian Aboriginal Children Using Dynamic TestingChaffey, Grahame ; Bailey, Stanley Brian; Vine, Kenneth William 25-Feb-2010
2003An Investigation into Students' Understandings of Class Inclusion Concepts in GeometrySerow, Penelope Anne; Pegg, John ; Redden, Ted ; Vine, Kenneth ; Dickson, Scott21-Apr-2015
1995A Longitudinal Investigation into Children's Understanding of Number Patterns and the Consequent Emergence of Algebraic ConceptsRedden, Edward; Pegg, John ; Vine, Kenneth 19-Dec-2014
2003Playback Theatre: An Investigation Into Applied Theatre and Communities of Meaning, with Specific Reference to Education and HealthWright, Peter Robert; Lett, Warren; Vine, Kenneth 17-Aug-2017
2007The relationship of process and product performance of the two-handed sidearm strikeMiller, Judith Anne ; Vine, Kenneth William ; Larkin, Dawne3-Dec-2009