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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Nov-2013Amniote faunal revision of the Pictou Group (Permo-Carboniferous), Prince Edward Island, CanadaBrink, Kirstin S; Campione, Nicolas E ; Hawthorn, Jessica R23-Sep-2019
Dec-2006The anatomy and homologies of the ceratopsid syncervicalCampione, Nicolas E ; Holmes, Robert24-Sep-2019
Sep-2014Body mass estimation in non-avian bipeds using a theoretical conversion to quadruped stylopodial proportionsCampione, Nicolas E ; Evans, David C; Brown, Caleb M; Carrano, Matthew T19-Sep-2019
6-Feb-2019Climbing adaptations, locomotory disparity and ecological convergence in ancient stem ‘kangaroos’Boer, Wendy Den; Campione, Nicolas E ; Kear, Benjamin P19-Sep-2019
Jan-2018Cope's rule and the adaptive landscape of dinosaur body size evolutionBenson, Roger B J; Hunt, Gene; Carrano, Matthew T; Campione, Nicolas 13-Mar-2019
Apr-2013Cranial anatomy and variation in Prosaurolophus maximus (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae)McGarrity, Christopher T; Campione, Nicolas E ; Evans, David C23-Sep-2019
28-Sep-2011Cranial Growth and Variation in Edmontosaurs (Dinosauria: Hadrosauridae): Implications for Latest Cretaceous Megaherbivore Diversity in North AmericaCampione, Nicolas E ; Evans, David C23-Sep-2019
23-Feb-2013Ecological modelling, size distributions and taphonomic size bias in dinosaur faunas: a comment on Codron et al. (2012)Brown, Caleb Marshall; Campione, Nicolas E ; Giacomini, Henrique Correa; O'Brien, Lorna J; Vavrek, Matthew J; Evans, David C20-Oct-2019
15-Feb-2013Evidence for taphonomic size bias in the Dinosaur Park Formation (Campanian, Alberta), a model Mesozoic terrestrial alluvial-paralic systemBrown, Caleb Marshall; Evans, David C; Campione, Nicolas E ; O'Brien, Lorna J; Eberth, David A23-Sep-2019
30-Jun-2015Evolution of dinosaur epidermal structuresBarrett, Paul M; Evans, David C; Campione, Nicolas E 19-Sep-2019
26-Oct-2018Evolutionary Transition in the Late Neogene Planktonic Foraminiferal Genus TruncorotaliaBicknell, Russell D C ; Collins, Katie S; Crundwell, Martin; Hannah, Michael; Crampton, James S; Campione, Nicolas E 11-Mar-2019
Nov-2017Extrapolating body masses in large terrestrial vertebratesCampione, Nicolas E 18-Sep-2019
Mar-2013'Glishades ericksoni', an indeterminate juvenile hadrosaurid from the Two Medicine Formation of Montana: implications for hadrosauroid diversity in the latest Cretaceous (Campanian-Maastrichtian) of western North AmericaCampione, Nicolas E ; Brink, Kirstin S; Freedman, Elizabeth A; McGarrity, Christopher T; Evans, David C23-Sep-2019
2015Hadrosauroid Material from the Santonian Milk River Formation of Southern Alberta, CanadaLarson, Derek W; Campione, Nicolas E ; Brown, Caleb M; Evans, David C; Ryan, Michael J2-Dec-2019
Jul-2015Head size, weaponry, and cervical adaptation: Testing craniocervical evolutionary hypotheses in CeratopsiaVanBuren, Collin S; Campione, Nicolas E ; Evans, David C18-Sep-2019
20-Dec-2019High-latitude neonate and perinate ornithopods from the mid-Cretaceous of southeastern AustraliaKitchener, Justin L; Campione, Nicolas ; Smith, Elizabeth T; Bell, Phil R 7-Jul-2020
Dec-2011The last "pelycosaur": a varanopid synapsid from the Pristerognathus Assemblage Zone, Middle Permian of South AfricaModesto, Sean P; Smith, Roger M H; Campione, Nicolas E ; Reisz, Robert R23-Sep-2019
13-Jan-2016MASSTIMATE: Body Mass Estimation Equations for VertebratesCampione, Nicolas E 29-Oct-2019
2011Morphology and evolutionary significance of the atlas-axis complex in varanopid synapsidsCampione, Nicolas E ; Reisz, Robert R16-Oct-2019
May-2007A new species of mosasaur (Squamata: Mosasauridae) from the Pierre Shale (lower Campanian) of ManitobaCuthbertson, Robin S; Mallon, Jordan C; Campione, Nicolas E ; Holmes, Robert B27-Sep-2019