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1-Jul-2013Coloration and Morphology of the Orchid Mantis Hymenopus coronatus (Mantodea: Hymenopodidae)O'Hanlon, J C ; Li, D; Norma-Rashid, Y14-Oct-2019
Aug-2015Egg Dispersal in the Phasmatodea: Convergence in Chemical Signaling Strategies Between Plants and Animals?Stanton, Anthony O; Dias, Daniel A; O'Hanlon, James C 26-Sep-2019
Dec-2017Female fecundity and offspring survival are not increased through sexual cannibalism in the spider Larinioides sclopetariusDeventer, S A; Herberstein, M E; Mayntz, D; O'Hanlon, J C ; Schneider, J M25-Sep-2019
24-Jun-2015The Functional Significance of Chiral Genitalia: Patterns of Asymmetry, Functional Morphology and Mating Success in the Praying Mantis Ciulfina baldersoniHolwell, Gregory I; Kazakova, Olga; Evans, Felicity; O'Hanlon, James C ; Barry, Katherine L2-Oct-2019
Jan-2015Habitat selection in a deceptive predator: maximizing resource availability and signal efficacyO'Hanlon, J C ; Herberstein, M E; Holwell, G I30-Sep-2019
May-2017Mate guarding and male mate choice in the chameleon grasshopper Kosciuscola tristis (Orthoptera: Acrididae)Mahoney, Peter C; Tatarnic, Nikolai J; O'Hanlon, James C ; Umbers, Kate D L25-Sep-2019
22-Feb-2016Orchid mantisO'Hanlon, James C 8-Oct-2019
Jan-2014Pollinator Deception in the Orchid MantisO'Hanlon, James C ; Holwell, Gregory I; Herberstein, Marie E15-Oct-2019
Nov-2018Post-attack defensive displays in three praying mantis speciesO'Hanlon, James C ; Rathnayake, Darshana N; Barry, Katherine L; Umbers, Kate D L25-Sep-2019
1-Feb-2014Predatory pollinator deception: Does the orchid mantis resemble a model species?O'Hanlon, J C ; Holwell, G I; Herberstein, M E2-Oct-2019
Aug-2015Reproducible research in the study of biological colorationWhite, Thomas E; Dalrymple, Rhiannon L; Noble, Daniel W A; O'Hanlon, James C ; Zurek, Daniel B; Umbers, Kate D L26-Sep-2019
Jul-2014The Roles of Colour and Shape in Pollinator Deception in the Orchid Mantis Hymenopus coronatusO'Hanlon, James C 26-Sep-2019
1-Dec-2016Selection for predation, not female fecundity, explains sexual size dimorphism in the orchid mantisesSvenson, Gavin J; Brannoch, Sydney K; Rodrigues, Henrique M; O'Hanlon, James C ; Wieland, Frank1-Oct-2019
17-Feb-2015Sexually selected UV signals in the tropical ornate jumping spider, Cosmophasis umbratica may incur costs from predationBulbert, Matthew W; O'Hanlon, James C ; Zappettini, Shane; Zhang, Shichang; Li, Daiqin1-Oct-2019
Feb-2018Short and fast vs long and slow: age changes courtship in male orb-web spiders (Argiope keyserlingi)O'Hanlon, James C ; Wignall, Anne E; Herberstein, Marie E25-Sep-2019
-Using devitalised seeds in myrmecological researchO'Hanlon, James C ; Hill, Sarah J ; Andrew, Nigel R 25-Sep-2019