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2003Australian Animation AestheticsRutherford, LM 18-Jul-2008
2011Digital natives? New and old media and children's outcomesBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie M ; Brown, Jude E ; Unsworth, Leonard 9-Jan-2012
2007Hearth and Hotmail: The Domestic Sphere as Commodity and Community in CyberspaceBrien, Donna Lee; Rutherford, Leonie Margaret ; Williamson, Rosemary Ann 25-May-2009
2004Negotiating Masculinities: Yolngu BoyRutherford, LM 27-Jun-2008
2004(pan-) Animal Magics: Ecofeminist Ethics and Aesthetics in The WebRutherford, LM 27-Jun-2008
2004Teen Futures: Discourses of Alienation, the Social and Technology in Australian Science-Fiction Television SeriesRutherford, LM 18-Sep-2008