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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2008AAOIFI Reporting Standards: Measuring ComplianceVinnicombe, Thea Edith; Yarram, S 17-Feb-2009
2009Additional Evidence on Foreign Direct Investment, International Accounting Standards and Governance InteractionsYarram, Subba Reddy ; Farooque, Omar 26-Mar-2010
2011Board Characteristics and Dividend Policy: Australian EvidenceYarram, Subba Reddy 7-Aug-2012
1-Jan-2021Board gender diversity and corporate social responsibility: Is there a case for critical mass?Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Adapa, Sujana 15-Jan-2021
2010Capital Structure Determinants: Malaysian EvidenceYarram, Subba Reddy 12-Jan-2012
2017Capital Structure, Corporate Performance, and Life Cycle: Evidence from IndonesiaSuyono, Eko; Yarram, Subba Reddy ; Riswan, Riswan23-Mar-2020
2009Causal relation between Corporate Governance and Foreign Direct Investment: Cross-sectional International EvidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 23-Mar-2010
2015The causal relationship between stock market development, bank development, Islamic and conventional insurance development, and economic growth: The Case of MalaysiaSalem, Elhadi Abubaker Frag; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 8-Jan-2016
2015CEO Pay, Governance and Performance: An Empirical Study of Australian FirmsYarram, S Reddy 19-Jun-2015
2014CEO's Pay Slice, Governance, and Performance: A StudyYarram, Subba Reddy 19-Aug-2014
2013Characteristics of Financial Reporting Quality: A Holistic Assessment of Financial Outcomes and Communication PracticesBayerlein, Leopold ; Yarram, Subba ; Cooksey, Ray30-Sep-2013
2013Corporate Governacne and Pay-Performance SensitivityYarram, Subba Reddy 19-Aug-2014
2015Corporate governance and financial policies: Influence of board characteristics on the dividend policy of Australian firmsYarram, Subba Reddy ; Dollery, Brian E 7-May-2015
2010Corporate governance and foreign direct investment inflows: cross-sectional international evidenceFarooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 6-May-2011
2013Corporate Governance and Share Buybacks in AustraliaYarram, Subba Reddy 19-Jul-2013
2015Corporate governance ratings and the dividend payout decisions of Australian corporate firmsYarram, Subba Reddy 30-Apr-2015
2012Corporate Governance, Cash holdings and Value of a Firm: Evidence from Australian FirmsYarram, Subba Reddy 6-Feb-2013
2016Corporate Governance, Disclosure Quality and Financial Performance: A Comparative Study of Corporate Firms in Saudi Arabia and AustraliaFilfilan, Assaf Zaki; Farooque, Omar ; Yarram, Subba ; Yaclin, Erkan17-Nov-2016
2013Corporate Governance, Ownership Type and Corporate Performance in Emerging Economies: Empirical Evidence from Sri LankaNambukara Gamage, Bandula Sisira Kumara; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba 23-Sep-2013
23-Apr-2016Determinants of bank credit growth in Australia: Effects of securitisation and the Global Financial CrisisAlrutbi, Mustafa; Hovey, Martin ; Yarram, Subba Reddy 21-Jan-2020