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2011Breeding Angus cattle that naturally emit less methaneHerd, Robert M ; Donoghue, K ; Bird, S H; Hegarty, Roger ; Arthur, P F3-Mar-2016
2004Comparison of Methods for Handling Censored Records in Beef Fertility Data: Field DataDonoghue, K ; Rekaya, R; Bertrand, JK30-Jul-2008
2004Comparison of methods for handling censored records in beef fertility data: Simulation studyDonoghue, Katherine ; Rekaya, R; Bertrand, J K26-Nov-2009
2004Genetic evaluation of calving to first insemination using natural and artificial insemination mating dataDonoghue, K ; Rekaya, R; Bertrand, JK; Misztal, I31-Jul-2008
2006Genetic parameters between sexes for temperament traits in Limousin cattleSapa, J; Donoghue, Katherine ; Phocas, Florence21-Mar-2012
2006Genetic relationships between measures of temperament in Australian and French Limousin cattleDonoghue, Katherine ; Sapa, J; Phocas, Florence21-Mar-2012
2007Impact of addition of new herds on genetic parameter estimates in the Australian Brahman populationDonoghue, Katherine ; Johnston, David ; Graser, Hans Ulrich 12-Jan-2010
2004Investigation of genotype by country interactions for growth traits for Charolais populations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and USADonoghue, K ; Bertrand, JK31-Jul-2008
2005Investigation of three strategies for an international genetic evaluation of beef cattle weaning weightPhocas, F; Donoghue, K ; Graser, HU 7-Aug-2008
2014Measures of methane production and their phenotypic relationships with dry matter intake, growth, and body composition traits in beef cattleHerd, Robert M ; Arthur, P F; Donoghue, K ; Bird, S H; Bird-Gardiner, Tracie L ; Hegarty, Roger 4-Apr-2016
2012Natural Variation in Methane Emissions among Progeny of Angus BullsArthur, P F; Herd, Robert M ; Donoghue, K ; Bird, S H; Hegarty, Roger 4-Mar-2016
2009The role of animal genetic improvement in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from beef cattleArthur, P F; Donoghue, K ; Herd, R M; Hegarty, Roger 9-Jan-2012
2015Selection For Reduced Mature Cow Weight Should Not Reduce Body Condition Unless Accompanied By Selection For Increased FatPitchford, W S; Lee, S J; Donoghue, K ; Walmsley, Bradley J 20-May-2016
2004Threshold-linear analysis of measures of fertility in artificial insemination data and days to calving in beef cattleDonoghue, Katherine ; Rekaya, R; Bertrand, JK; Misztal, I8-Dec-2009
2004World Hereford Genetic Linkage Project OutcomeDonoghue, Katherine 11-Jan-2010