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10-Jan-2019Aridity and land use negatively influence a dominant species' upper critical thermal limitsAndrew, Nigel R ; Miller, Cara ; Hall, Graham ; Hemmings, Zac ; Oliver, Ian 12-Oct-2020
2016Cetacean diversity, common occurrence and community importance in Fijian watersMiller, Cara ; Batibasaga, Aisake; Chand, Prerna; Dulunaqio, Sirilo; Fox, Margaret; Jupiter, Stacy; Naisilisili, Waisea; Nand, Yashika; Sharma-Gounder, Saras; Smith, Brian12-Oct-2020
1-May-2020Comparison of historical and modern river surveys reveal changes to waterhole characteristics in an Australian dryland riverPearson, Marita R ; Reid, Michael A ; Miller, Cara ; Ryder, Darren 12-Oct-2020
2019Cross-Cultural Monitoring of a Cultural Keystone Species Informs Revival of Indigenous Burning of Country in South-Eastern AustraliaMcKemey, Michelle B ; Patterson, Maureen (Lesley); Rangers, Banbai; Ens, Emilie J; Reid, Nick C H ; Hunter, John T ; Costello, Oliver; Ridges, Malcolm ; Miller, Cara 12-Oct-2020
2016Discovery of an important aggregation area for endangered scalloped hammerhead sharks, Sphyrna lewini, in the Rewa River estuary, Fiji IslandsBrown, Kelly T; Seeto, Johnson; Lal, Monal M; Miller, Cara E 12-Oct-2020
27-Aug-2021The drivers and consequences of change to the physical character of waterholes on an Australian dryland riverPearson, Marita ; Reid, Michael ; Miller, Cara ; Ryder, Darren 27-Aug-2021
2010Environmental characterization of seasonal trends and foraging habitat of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) in northern Gulf of Mexico baysMiller, Cara E ; Baltz, Donald M2-Mar-2021
17-Nov-2021Estimating the differences in critical thermal maximum and metabolic rate of Helicoverpa punctigera (Wallengren) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) across life stagesBawa, Samuel A; Gregg, Peter C ; Del Soccoro, Alice P ; Miller, Cara ; Andrew, Nigel R 3-Jan-2022
Oct-2021Exposure of Helicoverpa punctigera pupae to extreme temperatures for extended periods negatively impacts on adult population dynamics and reproductive outputBawa, Samuel A; Gregg, Peter C ; Del Socorro, Alice P ; Miller, Cara ; Andrew, Nigel R 17-Nov-2021
2017Fisheries-independent surveys identify critical habitats for young scalloped hammerhead sharks (Sphyrna lewini) in the Rewa Delta, FijiMarie, Amandine D; Miller, Cara ; Cawich, Celso; Piovano, Susanna; Rico, Ciro21-Jun-2018
2021Indigenous cultural burning had less impact than wildfire on the threatened Backwater grevillea (Grevillea scortechinii subsp. sarmentosa) while effectively decreasing fuel loadsMcKemey, Michelle ; Patterson, Maureen (Lesley); Hunter, John ; Ridges, Malcolm ; Ens, Emilie; Miller, Cara ; Costella, Oliver; Reid, Nick 26-Aug-2021
22-Nov-2011Management of Antarctic baleen whales amid past exploitation, current threats and complex marine ecosystemsLeaper, Rebecca; Miller, Cara 12-Oct-2020
2021Oviposition preferences of the native budworm, Helicoverpa punctigera (Wallengren), on C3 and C4 plantsBawa, Samuel A; Gregg, Peter C ; Del Socorro, Alice P ; Miller, Cara ; Andrew, Nigel R 17-Nov-2021
2013Proactive Cetacean Conservation in the Midst of 'Data Deficiency': Progress of the Convention on Migratory Species Cetacean Agreement in the Pacific Islands RegionMiller, Cara ; Prideaux, Margi12-Oct-2020
2017Rainfall Trends, Drought Frequency and La Nina in Tuvalu: A Small Equatorial Island State in the Pacific OceanPaeniu, Luke; Holland, Elisabeth; Miller, Cara ; Anderson, Giulia12-Oct-2020
Dec-2012Site fidelity and behaviour of spinner dolphins (Stenella longirostris) in Moon Reef, Fiji Islands: implications for conservationCribb, Nardi; Miller, Cara ; Seuront, Laurent12-Oct-2020
29-Jul-2016Species conservation in the Pacific Islands: taking effective steps forwardBrodie, Gilianne; Miller, Cara ; Pippard, Helen; Kami, Taholo12-Oct-2020
Nov-2021Survival of immature Helicoverpa punctigera (Wallengren) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on some C4 and C3 plantsBawa, Samuel A; Gregg, Peter C ; Del Socorro, Alice P ; Miller, Cara ; Andrew, Nigel R 17-Nov-2021
30-Jul-2015Towards a Standardized Approach of Cetacean Habitat: Past Achievements and Future DirectionsCribb, Nardi; Miller, Cara ; Seuront, Laurent12-Oct-2020
2015Very low numbers of endangered Oceania humpback whales seen in Fijian watersMiller, C ; Batibasiga, A; Sharma-Gounder, S; Solomona, P12-Oct-2020