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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013Arthropod survey on soybean crops in Cambodia: a comparison of the sweep netting and beat sheeting collection methods for estimating arthropod diversity and species richnessPol, Chanthy; Martin, Robert ; Gunning, Robin V; Andrew, Nigel R 20-Nov-2013
2006Contemporary Practices, Constraints and Opportunities for Non-Rice Crops in CambodiaFarquharson, Robert J; Sareth, Chea; Somrangchittra, Chapho; Bell, Richard W; Vang, Seng; Vance, Wendy; Martin, Robert ; Sopheap, Ung; Scott, Fiona13-Mar-2012
2016Crop choice and planting time for upland crops in Northwest CambodiaMontgomery, Steph; Martin, Robert ; Guppy, Christopher ; Wright, Graeme C; Flavel, Richard ; Phan, Sophanara; Im, Sophoeun; Touch, Van; Andersson, Karl ; Tighe, Matthew 17-Feb-2017
2010Crop Profit Groups and Farmer Participation in Research: Some Experiences from Cambodian Upland RegionsFarquharson, Robert J; Martin, Robert ; Scott, J Fiona; Chan, Phaloeun; Touch, Van; Keo, Kynal20-Oct-2011
2012The effects of thermal acclimation on lethal temperatures and critical thermal limits in the green vegetable bug, 'Nezara viridula' (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)Pol, Chanthy; Martin, Robert ; Gunning, Robyn V; Andrew, Nigel R 3-Jan-2013
2009Farmer's Challenge In Improving Upland Farming Systems in CambodiaPhaloeun, Chan; Martin, Robert ; Farquharson, Robert J; Sopheap, Ung; Chanthy, Pol; Tara, Pin12-Mar-2012
2009Final Report: Farming systems research for crop diversification in Cambodia and AustraliaMartin, Robert ; Farquharson, Robert J; Scott, Fiona; Belfield, Stephanie; Phaloeun, Chan12-Mar-2012
2011A guide to upland cropping in Cambodia: soybeanBelfield, Stephanie; Brown, Christine; Martin, Robert 12-Mar-2012
2015Influence of Temperature and Humidity Regimes on the Developmental Stages of Green Vegetable Bug, 'Nezara viridula' (L.) (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) From Inland and Coastal Populations in AustraliaChanthy, Pol; Martin, Robert ; Gunning, Robin V; Andrew, Nigel R 4-Feb-2016
2010Insects of upland crops in CambodiaChanthy, Pol; Belfield, Stephanie; Martin, Robert 12-Mar-2012
2009Jorani and the green vegetable bugsMartin, Robert ; White, Deborah12-Mar-2012
2009Jorani and the green vegetable bugs [Khmer translation]Martin, Robert ; White, Deborah12-Mar-2012
2011Jorani and the green vegetable bugs [Lao translation]Martin, Robert ; White, Deborah12-Mar-2012
2010The 'Jorani Project': Incorporating Principles of Sustainable Rural Development into the Education System of CambodiaMartin, Robert ; Matthews, Wendy; Bognar, Stephan D; Ourm, Narap; Keo, Kynal20-Oct-2011
2010Managing soil biological decline during long-fallows in cropping systemsWilliams, Anne ; King, Kathleen L ; Daniel, Heiko ; Martin, Robert 16-Sep-2010
2017Productivity and profitability of upland crop rotations in Northwest CambodiaMontgomery, Steph; Guppy, Christopher ; Martin, Robert ; Wright, Graeme; Flavel, Richard ; Phan, Sophanara; Im, Sophoeun; Tighe, Matthew 17-Jan-2017
2009Rhizobial inoculation versus nitrogen fertiliser for mungbean, peanut and soybean in rainfed upland areas of CambodiaTara, Pin; Martin, Robert ; Sopheap, Ung; Elias, Natalie; McCorkell, Bruce13-Mar-2012
2010Simulation Modelling of Alternative Strategies for Adaptation of Sorghum to Climate Change in North-Western New South WalesLiu, De Li; Martin, Robert ; Scott, Fiona; Haigh, Bruce13-Mar-2012
2007Weeds of Upland Crops in CambodiaMartin, Robert ; Chanthy, Pol12-Mar-2012
2009Weeds of upland crops in CambodiaMartin, Robert ; Chanthy, Pol12-Mar-2012