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2009The Cell Phone, Constant Connection and Time Scarcity in AustraliaBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith E ; Wajcman, Judy22-Oct-2010
2011Digital natives? New and old media and children's outcomesBittman, Michael ; Rutherford, Leonie M ; Brown, Jude E ; Unsworth, Leonard 9-Jan-2012
2010Do working mothers raise couch potato kids? Maternal employment and children's lifestyle behaviours and weight in early childhoodBrown, Judith E ; Broom, Dorothy; Nicholson, Jan M; Bittman, Michael 22-Oct-2010
2010Enacting virtual connections between work and homeWajcman, Judy; Rose, Emily; Brown, Judith E ; Bittman, Michael 22-Oct-2010
2004Explaining Welfare to Work Transitions Among the UnemployedSaunders, Peter; Brown, Judith Elizabeth 20-Nov-2009
2008Families without Borders: Mobile Phones, Connectedness and Work-Home DivisionsWajcman, Judy; Bittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth 30-Nov-2009
2007Human CapitalBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; McIntosh, Alison Frances; Rolley, Frances ; Rajaratnam, Rajanathan ; Walmsley, Jim Dennis 20-Oct-2009
2005The Impact of Breaching on Income Support CustomersEardley, Tony; Rawsthorne, Margot; Norris, Kate; Emrys, Liz; Brown, Judith Elizabeth 11-Jan-2010
2002Improving doctors lettersTattersall, Martin; Butow, Phyllis; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Thompson, John17-Dec-2009
2009Intimate Connections: The Impact of the Mobile Phone on Work/Life BoundariesWajcman, Judy; Bittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith E 29-Feb-2012
2007Managing Work and FamilyCraig, Lyn; Bittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Thompson, Denise12-Feb-2010
2009The mobile phone, perpetual contact and time pressureBittman, Michael ; Brown, Judith E ; Wajcman, Judy22-Oct-2010
2003Patterns of economic and social participation among FaCS customersSaunders, Peter; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Eardley, Tony9-Oct-2009
2004Psychological impact of genetic testing for hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancerMeiser, B; Collins, V; Warren, R; Gaff, C; James, D; St John, B; Young, M; Harrop, K; Brown, Judith Elizabeth 22-Dec-2009
2002Psychological impact of genetic testing in women from high-risk breast cancer familiesMeiser, B; Butow, P; Friedlander, M; Barrett, A; Schnieden, V; Watson, M; Brown, Judith Elizabeth ; Tucker, K12-Feb-2010
2011Television Viewing by School-Age Children: Associations with Physical Activity, Snack Food Consumption and Unhealthy WeightBrown, Judith E ; Nicholson, Jan M; Broom, Dorothy H; Bittman, Michael 9-May-2011
2007Time or Money: the Impact of Parental Employment on Time that 4 to 5 Year Olds Spend in Language Building ActivitiesBrown, Judith Elizabeth ; Bittman, Michael ; Nicholson, Jan M.20-Nov-2009