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2013The Contribution of Naturally Occurring Food Items to the Diet of 'Bidyanus bidyanus' When Fed Differing Formulated DietsDuffy, Rodney ; Godwin, Ian ; Purvis, Ian W; Nolan, John V 1-Aug-2017
2011The contribution of naturally occurring food items to the diet of 'Cherax destructor' when fed formulated diets of differing protein levelsDuffy, Rodney ; Godwin, Ian R ; Nolan, John V ; Purvis, Ian W28-Jul-2011
2010Dietary ecology of the yabby, 'Cherax destructor', and the silver perch, 'Bidyanus bidyanus': An investigation into polyculture potentialDuffy, Rodney ; Godwin, Ian ; Purvis, Ian6-Jul-2010
2009The effects of diet and stocking density on cannibalism in 'Cherax destructor'Duffy, Rodney ; Godwin, Ian ; Nolan, John V ; Purvis, Ian W16-Mar-2010