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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
Dec-2018Algal turf sediments across the Great Barrier Reef: Putting coastal reefs in perspectiveTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher H R ; Bellwood, David R8-May-2019
2017Algal Turf Sediments and Sediment Production by Parrotfishes across the Continental Shelf of the Northern Great Barrier ReefTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R19-May-2017
2010Biologically mediated sediment fluxes on coral reefs: sediment removal and off-reef transportation by the surgeonfish 'Ctenochaetus striatus'Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R16-May-2017
2016Body size and mortality rates in coral reef fishes: a three-phase relationshipGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R13-Apr-2017
2017Can biological invasions save Caribbean coral reefs?Bellwood, David Roy; Goatley, Christopher 22-May-2017
2017Clarifying functional roles: algal removal by the surgeonfishes Ctenochaetus striatus and Acanthurus nigrofuscusTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R16-Feb-2018
2016Composition and temporal stability of turf sediments on inner-shelf coral reefsGordon, Sophie E; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R13-Apr-2017
2017Cryptobenthic reef fishesGoatley, Christopher ; Brandl, Simon J16-Jun-2017
2019Demographic dynamics of the smallest marine vertebrates fuel coral-reef ecosystem functioningBrandl, Simon J; Tornabene, Luke; Casey, Jordan M; Morais, Renato A; Cote, Isabelle M; Baldwin, Carole C; Parravicini, Valeriano; Schiettekatte, Nina M D; Bellwood, David R; Goatley, Christopher H R 3-Jun-2019
2013Don't let the bed bugs bite: goatfish resting aggregations on low sediment reef surfacesGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R13-Apr-2017
2013Ecological Consequences of Sediment on High-Energy Coral ReefsGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R13-Apr-2017
2017The Effects of Algal Turf Sediments and Organic Loads on Feeding by Coral Reef SurgeonfishesTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R22-May-2017
2018An evaluation of a double-tailed deformity in a coral-reef surgeonfish Acanthurus nigrofuscus (Acanthuridae) using micro-computed tomographyGoatley, Christopher ; Wroe, Stephen ; Tebbett, S B; Bellwood, D R20-May-2018
2017The evolution of fishes and corals on reefs: form, function and interdependenceGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David; Bellwood, Orpha21-May-2018
2015The evolution of fishes on coral reefs: fossils, phylogenies, and functionsBellwood, David R; Goatley, Christopher ; Cowman, Peter F; Bellwood, Orpha20-Mar-2017
2014Evolution of long-toothed fishes and the changing nature of fish-benthos interactions on coral reefsBellwood, David R; Hoey, Andrew S; Bellwood, Orpha; Goatley, Christopher 13-Apr-2017
2014Fifty million years of herbivory on coral reefs: fossils, fish and functional innovationsBellwood, D R; Goatley, Christopher ; Brandl, S J; Bellwood, O13-Apr-2017
2017Fine sediments suppress detritivory on coral reefsTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R22-May-2017
2010Fishes on coral reefs: changing roles over the past 240 million yearsGoatley, Christopher ; Bellwood, David R; Bellwood, Orpha16-May-2017
31-Jan-2018A functional evaluation of feeding in the surgeonfish Ctenochaetus striatus: the role of soft tissuesTebbett, Sterling B; Goatley, Christopher H R ; Huertas, Víctor; Mihalitsis, Michalis; Bellwood, David R7-May-2019