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2018Concussion Incidence for Two Levels of Senior Amateur Rugby League in New Zealand, 2008-2011King, Douglas ; Hume, Patria; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, Trevor; Gissane, Connor20-Apr-2018
2015Energetic and metabolic power demands of interchange and full-match players within National Rugby League match-playCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda24-May-2017
2016Energetic and Metabolic Power Demands of National Rugby League Match-PlayCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, M; Orr, R14-Mar-2017
Dec-2018Energetic Demands of Interchange and Full-Match Rugby League PlayersCummins, Cloe J ; Gray, Adrian J ; Shorter, Kathleen A ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda18-Mar-2019
May-2019Female rugby union injuries in New Zealand: A review of five years (2013-2017) of Accident Compensation Corporation moderate to severe claims and costsKing, Douglas ; Hume, P A; Hardaker, N; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, T; Pearce, A J; Gissane, C8-Apr-2019
Sep-2018The Fit Matters: Influence of Accelerometer Fitting and Training Drill Demands on Load Measures in Rugby League PlayersMcLean, Blake D; Cummins, Cloe ; Conlan, Greta; Duthie, Grant; Coutts, Aaron J18-Mar-2019
2013Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Microtechnology Sensors in Team Sports: A Systematic ReviewCummins, Cloe ; Orr, Rhonda; O'Connor, Helen; West, Cameron29-Mar-2017
Dec-2018Importance, Reliability, and Usefulness of Acceleration Measures in Team SportsDelaney, Jace A; Cummins, Cloe j ; Thornton, Heidi R; Duthie, Grant M17-Mar-2019
2017Injuries in New Zealand amateur rugby league matches by positional groupsCummins, Cloe ; King, Douglas ; Clark, Trevor26-Apr-2018
2017Measurement of Head Impacts in a Senior Amateur Rugby League Team with an Instrumented Patch: Exploratory AnalysisKing, Douglas ; Hume, Patria; Gissane, Conor; Cummins, Cloe ; Clark, Trevor30-Apr-2018
2015Metabolic power and energetic costs of elite Rugby League match-playCummins, Cloe ; Gray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda24-May-2017
2018Modelling Movement Energetics Using Global Positioning System Devices in Contact Team Sports: Limitations and SolutionsGray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Cummins, Cloe ; Murphy, Aron ; Waldron, Mark 4-Jun-2018
-Modelling the relationships between volume, intensity and injury-risk in professional rugby league playersCummins, Cloe ; Welch, Mitchell ; Inkster, Brendan; Cupples, Balin; Weaving, Dan; Jones, Ben ; King, Doug ; Murphy, Aron 26-Feb-2019
30-Nov-2018Physical Demands of Amateur Senior Domestic Rugby Union Players Over One Round of Competition Matches in New Zealand Assessed Using Heart Rate and Movement AnalysisKing, D ; Cummins, C ; Hume, P A; Clark, T N; Pearce, A J2-Apr-2019
2017Positional Differences in External On-Field Load During Specific Drill Classifications Over a Professional Rugby League PreseasonCummins, Cloe ; McLean, Blake; Halaki, Mark; Orr, Rhonda23-Apr-2018
-Sports-related injuries in New Zealand: National Insurance (Accident Compensation Corporation) claims for five sporting codes from 2012 to 2016King, Doug ; Hume, Patria A; Hardaker, Natalie; Cummins, Cloe ; Gissane, Conor; Clark, Trevor5-Apr-2019
2018Upper Body Kinematic Analysis of the Paddling Stroke in Female Recreational Stand-up Paddle BoardersBancks, Megan; Cummins, Cloe ; Shorter, Kathleen 3-Jun-2019