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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2018Are We There Yet? Indigenous Cultural Competency in Legal EducationBurns, Marcelle 29-Apr-2019
May-2011Challenging the Assumptions of Positivism: An Analysis of the Concept of Society in Sampi on Behalf of the Bardi and Jawi People v Western Australia [2010] and Bodney v Bennell [2008]Burns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
1-Dec-2009Closing the Gap between Policy and 'Law' - Indigenous Homelands and a Working FutureBurns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
Dec-2016Consultation Workshop ReportBurns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
2018Dealing with the 'Wicked' Problem of Race and the Law: A Critical Journey for Students (and Academics)Nielsen, Jennifer; Burns, Marcelle 19-Jul-2019
2018The Difficulties of Communication Encountered by Indigenous Peoples: Moving Beyond Indigenous Deficit in the Model Admission Rules for Legal PractitionersBurns, Marcelle ; Young, Simon; Nielsen, Jennifer23-May-2019
2-Nov-2015Guest Editorial: World Indigenous Legal Conference 2014 – Special ForumBurns, Marcelle 29-Apr-2019
2009Indigenous Australians and a National Charter of Human Rights: Issues for ConsiderationChenery, Terry; Cubillo, Eddie; Burns, Marcelle ; Price, Bess Nungarrayi; Anthony, Thalia; Davis, Megan29-Apr-2019
2019Indigenous Cultural Competency for Legal Academics Program dataBurns, Marcelle ; Behrendt, Larissa; Hong, Anita Lee; McMillan, Mark; Wood, Asmi; Vidler, Robert ; Murray, Fiona; Trelford, Phillipa; Kirk, Bob9-May-2019
2019Indigenous Cultural Competency for Legal Academics Program: Final Report, 2019Burns, Marcelle ; Lee Hong, Anita; Wood, Asmi24-May-2019
Sep-2017Indigenous Cultural Competency in Law: Deliberating Future Directions Workshop: Final Participant ReportBurns, Marcelle ; Kirk, Bob24-May-2019
2015Indigenous Knowledges: A Strategy for First Nations Peoples Engagement in Higher EducationWatson, Irene; Burns, Marcelle 1-Jun-2016
2014Indigenous Nations’ Rights in the Balance: An Analysis of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous PeoplesBurns, Marcelle 29-Apr-2019
Jul-2012It’s always a pleasure: exploring productivity and pleasure in a writing group for early career academicsDwyer, Angela; Lewis, Bridget; McDonald, Fiona ; Burns, Marcelle 23-May-2019
30-Apr-2009Larissa Behrendt, Chris Cuneen and Terri Libesman, Indigenous Legal Relations in Australia (Oxford University Press, 2009) 376 ppBurns, Marcelle 30-Apr-2019
Oct-2017Law School Survey ReportBurns, Marcelle 24-May-2019
2018The 'natural' law of nations: society and the exclusion of First Nations as subjects of international lawBurns, Marcelle 27-Mar-2019
2013Shifting global power and shifting state power: DRIP, BRICs and CANZUSBurns, Marcelle 23-May-2019
2018Special Issue Editorial: Indigenous Cultural Competency in LawBurns, Marcelle 5-Aug-2019
2013Towards growing Indigenous culturally competent legal professionals in AustraliaBurns, Marcelle 13-May-2019