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5-Sep-2019Blood and Guts? Improving Diagnostic Accuracy for Coeliac DiseaseCharlesworth, Richard P G ; Agnew, Linda L ; Andronicos, Nicholas M ; Scott, David R26-Mar-2020
2014Both Heat Shock Protein 70 and Heat Shock Protein 90 Expression are Increased at the Protein Level in Adults with Untreated Celiac DiseaseCharlesworth, Richard ; Agnew, Linda 18-Jan-2016
2017Can the sensitivity of the histopathological diagnosis of coeliac disease be increased and can treatment progression be monitored using mathematical modelling of histological sections? - A pilot studyCharlesworth, Richard ; Andronicos, Nicholas ; Scott, David; McFarlane, James R; Agnew, Linda 14-May-2017
2019Celiac disease gene expression data can be used to classify biopsies along the Marsh score severity scaleCharlesworth, Richard P G ; Agnew, Linda L ; Scott, David R; Andronicos, Nicholas M 10-Jan-2019
7-Jan-2020Diagnosing coeliac disease: Out with the old and in with the new?Charlesworth, Richard P G 21-Feb-2020
Jan-2019Equations defined using gene expression and histological data resolve coeliac disease biopsies within the Marsh score continuumCharlesworth, Richard P G ; Agnew, Linda L ; Scott, David R; Andronicos, Nicholas M 28-Mar-2019
28-May-2019From 2-dimensional to 3-dimensional: Overcoming dilemmas in intestinal mucosal interpretationCharlesworth, Richard P G ; Marsh, Michael N24-Jun-2019
2018Gut microbiome and depression: what we know and what we need to knowWinter, Gal ; Hart, Robert ; Charlesworth, Richard ; Sharpley, Christopher 20-Aug-2018
2020A Melanin bleaching method to prevent non-specific immunostaining of chicken feathersNazir, Shahid; Charlesworth, Richard P G ; Walkden-Brown, Stephen W ; Gerber, Priscilla F 2-Jul-2020
2020Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth and Celiac disease - coincidence or causation?Charlesworth, Richard P G ; Winter, Gal 17-Jun-2020