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2014Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions of a Reaction Diffusion Equation with Free Boundary ConditionsCai, Jingjing; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin 8-Dec-2015
2018Effects of Large Degenerate Advection and Boundary Conditions on the Principal Eigenvalue and its Eigenfunction of A Linear Second-Order Elliptic OperatorPeng, Rui; Zhou, Maolin 20-Apr-2020
Apr-2020The Fisher-KPP equation over simple graphs: varied persistence states in river networksDu, Yihong ; Lou, Bendong; Peng, Rui; Zhou, Maolin 16-Apr-2020
2017Fisher-KPP equation with free boundaries and time-periodic advectionsSun, Ningkui; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin 22-May-2017
2015A KPP road-field system with spatially periodic exchange termsGiletti, Thomas; Monsaingeon, Leonard; Zhou, Maolin 23-Feb-2016
Apr-2020Logarithmic corrections in Fisher-KPP type porous medium equationsDu, Yihong ; Quiros, Fernando; Zhou, Maolin 16-Apr-2020
2016Long time behavior for solutions of the diffusive logistic equation with advection and free boundaryWei, Lei; Zhang, Guanghui; Zhou, Maolin 28-Apr-2017
2016Long time behavior of solutions of a reaction-diffusion equation on unbounded intervals with Robin boundary conditionsChen, Xinfu; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin ; Giletti, Thomas6-Jan-2016
2015Long time behavior of solutions of Fisher-KPP equation with advection and free boundariesGu, Hong; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin 29-Feb-2016
2015Nonlinear Diffusion Problems With Free Boundaries: Convergence, Transition Speed, and Zero Number ArgumentsDu, Yihong ; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin 11-Jan-2016
5-Oct-2018Refined estimates for the propagation speed of the transition solution to a free boundary problem with a nonlinearity of combustion typeLei, Chengxia; Matsuzawa, Hiroshi; Peng, Rui; Zhou, Maolin 20-Apr-2020
2017Semi-wave and spreading speed for the diffusive competition model with a free boundaryDu, Yihong ; Wang, Mingxin; Zhou, Maolin 29-May-2017
2014Sharp Estimate of the Spreading Speed Determined by Nonlinear Free Boundary ProblemsDu, Yihong ; Matsuzawa, Hiroshi; Zhou, Maolin 9-Dec-2015
2016Spreading and Vanishing for Nonlinear Stefan Problems in High Space DimensionsDu, Yihong ; Lou, Bendong; Zhou, Maolin 24-Mar-2017
2015Spreading speed and profile for nonlinear Stefan problems in high space dimensionsDu, Yihong ; Matsuzawa, Hiroshi; Zhou, Maolin 11-Jan-2016