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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013An Alternative Procedure for the Performance Assessment of FRP-Retrofitted RC Buildings Using Lumped PlasticityLim, Pang Jen; Mahini, Saeed S ; Ronagh, Hamid Reza8-Aug-2014
2013Anchorage of Web-Bonded CFRP Retrofitting on RC Joints with Variable Column & Beam Widths and with Cross-Beams PresentLim, Pang Jen; Mahini, Saeed S ; Ronagh, Hamid Reza8-Aug-2014
2005CFRP-retrofitted RC exterior beam-column connections under cyclic loadsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R; Smith, Scott T14-Mar-2013
2006Computer Model for Repaired RC Beams using Web-Bonded FRP SheetsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R6-Mar-2014
2015Correlation between chloride-induced corrosion initiation and time to cover cracking in RC StructuresHosseini, Seyed Abbas; Shabakhty, Naser; Mahini, Seyed Saeed 9-Aug-2016
2015Damage and Seismic Performance Assessment of FRP-Retrofitted Multi-Storey RC BuildingsMahini, Seyed Saeid 17-Jul-2015
2015Damage detection and performance evaluation of SFRP-retrofitted multi-storey timber buildingsVahedian, Abbas; Mahini, Seyed Saeid ; Glencross-Grant, Rex 29-Jul-2015
2011Data acquisition and experimental testing of joints for health monitoring of a RC building towards rehabilitation using FRPSMahini, Seyed Saeed 13-Mar-2013
2006Ductility of FRP-Repaired Exterior RC Beam-Column JointsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R6-Mar-2014
2014The Effect of Uncertainties on Calculation of Initiation of Corrosion of Reinforcement for Assessment of Reliability of Concrete StructuresHosseini, Seyed Abbas; Shabakhty, Naser; Mahini, Seyed Saeed 6-Sep-2014
2006Estimation of the Ductility of Web-Bonded FRP Beams for Assessment of Strengthened RC Exterior JointsMahini, Saeed S ; Ronagh, Hamid Reza7-Aug-2014
2012Experimental investigation and nonlinear FE analysis of historical masonry buildings - A case studyEslami, A; Ronagh, Hamid R; Mahini, Seyed Saeed ; Morshed, Reza24-Jan-2013
2005Flexural repair of RC exterior beam-column joints using CFRP sheetsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R; Dux, Peter F14-Mar-2013
2011How Do Australian Timber Bridges Stack Up? A comparative study with International Timber Bridge developmentsMoore, John Chisnall ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Mahini, Saeed S ; Patterson, Robert 19-Feb-2015
2012Lateral performance and load carrying capacity of an unreinforced, CFRP-retrofitted historical masonry vault - A case studyMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Eslami, A; Ronagh, Hamid R24-Jan-2013
2015Measuring Dynamic Impaction Aged Timber Bridges: Some Experimental OptionsMoore, John C ; Mahini, Saeed S 12-Sep-2016
2010Mechanical Properties of Brick Vault and Adobe Piers - A Heritage Case StudyMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Eslami, A14-Mar-2013
2013Monitoring the Structural Integrity of Timber Bridges under Dynamic Traffic Loads using a High Speed CameraMoore, John C ; Mahini, Saeed S ; Glencross-Grant, Rex ; Patterson, Robert 13-Aug-2014
2016Monitoring timber beam bridge structural reliability in regional AustraliaMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Moore, John C ; Glencross-Grant, Rex 17-Aug-2017
2007A new method for improving ductility in existing RC ordinary moment resisting frames using FRPsMahini, Seyed Saeed ; Ronagh, Hamid R5-Feb-2013