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2015Applying behavioral theories to invasive animal management: Towards an integrative frameworkMcLeod, Lynette ; Hine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; Driver, Aaron9-Jul-2015
2015Behaviourally Effective Communications for Invasive Animals Management: A Practical GuideHine, Don W ; Please, Patricia ; McLeod, Lynette ; Driver, Aaron3-Jun-2015
2020Understanding why peri-urban residents do not report wild dog impacts: an audience segmentation approachHine, Donald W ; McLeod, Lynette J ; Please, Patricia M 19-Mar-2020
Jun-2019Using human behaviour change strategy to improve the management of invasive speciesMcLeod, Lynette J ; Please, Patricia M ; Hine, Donald W 22-Aug-2019
2018Water knowledge systemsWilliams, Jacqueline ; Please, Patricia ; Barker, Lorina L 22-Jul-2020