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2016Can hibernators sense and evade fires? Olfactory acuity and locomotor performance during deep torporNowack, Julia ; Delesalle, Marine; Stawski, Clare ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
2016Cool echidnas survive the fireNowack, Julia ; Cooper, Christine Elizabeth; Geiser, Fritz 17-Feb-2017
2016Friends with benefits: the role of huddling in mixed groups of torpid and normothermic animalsNowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 20-Feb-2017
2015The importance of mammalian torpor for survival in a post-fire landscapeStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
2015Increased lyrebird presence in a post-fire landscapeDoty, Anna C ; Stawski, Clare ; Nowack, Julia ; Bondarenco, Artiom; Geiser, Fritz 31-Jan-2017
2013Nonshivering thermogenesis in the African lesser bushbaby, 'Galago moholi'Nowack, Julia ; Dausmann, Kathrin H; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi3-Dec-2014
2016Phenotypic plasticity of post-fire activity and thermal biology of a free-ranging small mammalStawski, Clare ; Koertner, Gerhard ; Nowack, Julia ; Geiser, Fritz 18-Jan-2017
2015Snoozing through the storm: torpor use during a natural disasterNowack, Julia ; Rojas, A Daniella; Koertner, Gerhard ; Geiser, Fritz 2-May-2017
2013Surviving the Cold, Dry Period in Africa: Behavioral Adjustments as an Alternative to Heterothermy in the African Lesser Bushbaby ('Galago moholi')Nowack, Julia ; Wippich, Marta; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi; Dausmann, Kathrin H3-Dec-2014
2013Torpor as an emergency solution in 'Galago moholi': heterothermy is triggered by different constraintsNowack, Julia ; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi; Dausmann, Kathrin H3-Dec-2014
2010Torpor on Demand: Heterothermy in the Non-Lemur Primate 'Galago moholi'Nowack, Julia ; Mzilikazi, Nomakwezi; Dausman, Kathrin H3-Dec-2014