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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2015ApmaSchneider, Cindy 25-Sep-2015
2013Apma Alphabet BookSchneider, Cindy 2-Feb-2015
2013Apma Alphabet PosterSchneider, Cindy 2-Feb-2015
2013Apma BookletsSchneider, Cindy 24-Jan-2018
2013Apma ResourcesSchneider, Cindy 24-Jan-2018
2013Apma Vowels and Consonants PosterSchneider, Cindy 2-Feb-2015
2008An Apma-English DictionarySchneider, Cindy ; Gray, Andrew; Hyslop Malaur, Catriona15-Oct-2014
2017Approaching micro-level planning from an intelligibility perspective: a case study from Pentecost Island, VanuatuSchneider, Cindy ; Gooskens, Charlotte 9-Oct-2017
2015Bilanda bweeil: Ol pijin blong ples blong yumi (Suru Kavian)Schneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2015Bilanda Ik: Ol samting blong solwota long ples blong yumi (Suru Kavian)Schneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2015Bilanda Ruwuruwan: Ol samting blong bus long ples blong yumi (Suru Kavian)Schneider, Cindy 30-Jan-2018
2018A Follow-up Analysis of Listener (Mis)comprehension across Language Varieties in Pentecost, VanuatuSchneider, Cindy ; Gooskens, Charlotte 17-Jul-2018
2007A Grammar of Abma, a Language of Pentecost Island, VanuatuSchneider, Cynthia ; Siegel, Jeffrey Alan; Baker, Brett 1-Sep-2010
2010A grammar of Abma: a language of Pentecost Island, VanuatuSchneider, Cynthia 25-Mar-2012
2018Ideologies, practices, and their effect on dialect vitality: a case study from VanuatuSchneider, Cindy 11-Jan-2018
2009Information Structure in AbmaSchneider, Cynthia 1-Feb-2010
2015Is it worth documenting "just a dialect"? Making the case for Suru Kavian (Pentecost Island)Schneider, Cindy ; Gray, Andrew18-Aug-2016
2010Language Learning and Literacy Development in the FieldSchneider, Cynthia 8-Jun-2010
2019Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Factors Affecting Intelligibility Across Closely Related Varieties in Pentecost Island, VanuatuGooskens, Charlotte ; Schneider, Cindy 15-Oct-2019
2015Micro-level planning for a Papua New Guinean elementary school classroom: "copycat" planning and language ideologiesSchneider, Cindy 18-Sep-2015