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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2021AbleismWayland, Sarah ; Smith-Merry, Jennifer; Rakidzic, Sarina; O'Shea, Amie; Schweizer, Richard; Gill, Kate; Hutton, Vicki; Sisko, Susan27-Jun-2022
Jun-2019Aboriginal mothers in prison in Australia: a study of social, emotional and physical wellbeingSullivan, Elizabeth A; Kendall, Sacha; Chang, Sungwon; Baldry, Eileen; Zeki, Reem; Gilles, Marisa; Wilson, Mandy; Butler, Tony; Levy, Michael; Wayland, Sarah ; Cullen, Patricia; Jones, Jocelyn; Sherwood, Juanita23-Jun-2022
4-Mar-2019Acknowledging The Empty Space: A Framework to Enhance Support of People Left Behind When Someone is MissingWayland, Sarah 28-Jun-2022
2020'An all-consuming cumulonimbus of pain': a scoping review exploring the impact of ambiguous loss when someone is missing and the counselling interventions relevant to the experienceWayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy 7-Dec-2020
9-Apr-2021At Least until the Second Wave Comes . . . ": A Twitter Analysis of the NHS and COVID-19 between March and June 2020McKay, Kathy; Wayland, Sarah ; Ferguson, David; Petty, Jane; Kennedy, Eilis23-Jun-2022
2019Better support: Understanding the needs of family and friends when a loved one attempts suicideCoker, Sarah; Wayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy ; Hartup, Michael; Lee-Bates, Ben; Blanchard, Michelle27-Jun-2022
6-Mar-2020Carers' Motivations for, and Experiences of, Participating in Suicide ResearchMaple, Myfanwy ; Wayland, Sarah ; Sanford, Rebecca; Spillane, Ailbhe; Coker, Sarah17-Dec-2020
23-Jun-2022COVID deaths are now barely mentioned in the media. That changes the very nature of griefWayland, Sarah 26-Jun-2022
17-Nov-2016Disability and child sexual abuse in institutional contextsLlewellyn, Gwynnyth; Wayland, Sarah ; Hindmarsh, Gabrielle24-Jun-2022
4-Apr-2022Dreading Yet Hoping: Traumatic Loss Impacted by Reference DNA Sample Collection for Families of Missing PeopleWayland, Sarah ; Ward, Jodie27-Jun-2022
Oct-2021Editorial: Liminality and COVID-19 - what do we already know?Wayland, Sarah 27-Jun-2022
1-May-2021Effective Elements for Workplace Responses to Critical Incidents and Suicide: A Rapid ReviewPearce, Tania ; Bugeja, Lyndal; Wayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy 23-Jun-2022
-Effectiveness of Brief Contact Interventions for Bereavement: A Systematic ReviewMcGill, Katie; Bhullar, Navjot ; Pearce, Tania ; Batterham, Philip J; Wayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy 28-Jun-2022
14-Oct-2021Fears, Reassurance, and Milestones: A Twitter Analysis around World Prematurity Day during the COVID-19 PandemicMcKay, Kathy ; O'Nions, Elizabeth; Wayland, Sarah ; Ferguson, David; Kennedy, Eilis24-Jun-2022
2016Holding on to hope: A review of the literature exploring missing persons, hope and ambiguous lossWayland, Sarah ; Maple, Myfanwy ; McKay, Kathryn ; Glassock, Geoffrey15-Feb-2016
2014Hope in the Liminal SpaceWayland, Sarah 27-May-2014
2020How frontline domestic and family violence workforce in Australia kept connected to their clients and each other through the pandemic. Practitioner reportCullen, Patricia; Baffsky, Rachel; Beek, Kristen; Wayland, Sarah 28-Jun-2022
27-Jun-2020How is Participating in Suicide Prevention Activities Experienced by Those with Lived and Living Experiences of Suicide in Australia? A Qualitative StudyWayland, Sarah ; McKay, Kathy; Maple, Myfanwy 10-Jun-2021
Jun-2021The human approach to supportive interventions: The lived experience of people who care for others who suicide attemptWayland, Sarah ; Coker, Sarah; Maple, Myfanwy 23-Jun-2022
2022I had every right to be there: discriminatory acts towards young people with disabilities on public transportWayland, Sarah ; Newland, Jamee; Gill-Atkinson, Liz; Vaughan, Cathy; Emerson, Eric; Llewellyn, Gwynnyth23-Jun-2022