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2018Depositional setting, provenance, and tectonic-volcanic setting of Eocene–Recent deep-sea sediments of the oceanic Izu–Bonin forearc, northwest Pacific (IODP Expedition 352)Robertson, Alastair H F; Kutterolf, Steffen; Avery, Aaron; Baxter, Alan T ; Petronotis, Katerina; Acton, Gary D; Carvallo, Claire; Schindlbeck, Julie C13-Mar-2019
2016Detrital chrome spinel evidence for a Neotethyan intra-oceanic island arc collision with India in the PaleoceneBaxter, Alan ; Aitchison, Jonathan C; Ali, Jason R; Chan, Jacky Sik-Lap; Chan, Gavin Heung Ngai14-Dec-2016
2011Detrital zircon U-Pb ages along the Yarlung-Tsangpo suture zone, Tibet: Implications for oblique convergence and collision between India and AsiaAitchison, Jonathan C; Xia, Xiaoping; Baxter, Alan ; Ali, Jason R28-Apr-2014
2016Discovery of a Late Devonian magmatic arc in the southern Lancangjiang zone, western Yunnan: Geochemical and zircon U-Pb geochronological constraints on the evolution of Tethyan ocean basins in SW ChinaNie, Xiaomei; Feng, Qinglai; Metcalfe, Ian ; Baxter, Alan ; Liu, Guichun15-Jan-2016
2010Early Cretaceous radiolarians from the Spongtang massif, Ladakh, NW India: implications for Neo-Tethyan evolutionBaxter, Alan ; Aitchinson, Jonathan C; Ali, Jason R; Zyabrev, Sergey V28-Apr-2014
2017The geological history of the Latimojong region of western Sulawesi, IndonesiaWhite, Lloyd T; Hall, Robert; Armstrong, Richard A; Barber, Anthony J; Fadel, Marcelle BouDagher; Baxter, Alan ; Wakita, Koji; Manning, Christina; Soesilo, Joko31-May-2017
2015The Miocene Galapagos ash layer record of Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Site Legs 334 and 344: Ocean-island explosive volcanism during plume-ridge interactionSchindlbeck, J C; Kutterolf, S; Freundt, A; Straub, S M; Wang, K L; Jegen, M; Hemming, S R; Baxter, Alan ; Sandoval, M I9-Jun-2017
2017Neogene paleoceanography of the eastern equatorial Pacific based on the radiolarian record of IODP drill sites off Costa RicaSandoval, Maria I; Boltovskoy, Demetrio; Baxter, Alan ; Baumgartner, Peter O14-May-2017
2012Paleomagnetic data support Early Permian age for the Abor Volcanics in the lower Siang Valley, NE India: Significance for Gondwana-related break-up modelsAli, Jason R; Aitchison, Jonathan C; Chik, Sam Y S; Baxter, Alan ; Bryan, Scott E28-Apr-2014
2009Radiolarian age constraints on Mesotethyan ocean evolution, and their implications for development of the Bangong-Nujiang suture, TibetBaxter, Alan ; Aitchinson, Jonathan C; Zyabrev, Sergey V28-Apr-2014
2019Submarine landslides offshore Yamba, NSW, Australia: an analysis of their timing, downslope motion and possible causesHubble, Thomas; Yeung, Serena; Clarke, Samantha; Baxter, Alan ; De Blasio, Fabio15-Aug-2019
20-Jan-2018Tephrostratigraphy and Provenance From IODP Expedition 352, Izu-Bonin Arc: Tracing Tephra Sources and Volumes From the Oligocene to RecentKutterolf, S; Schindlbeck, J C; Robertson, A H F; Avery, A; Baxter, A T ; Petronotis, K; Wang, K-L15-Mar-2019
2011Upper Jurassic radiolarians from the Naga Ophiolite, Nagaland, northeast IndiaBaxter, Alan ; Aitchison, Jonathan A; Zyabrev, Sergey V; Ali, Jason R28-Apr-2014