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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2013Administrative Records for Official Statistics: Food for Thought on Uganda's Livestock DataOkello, Julius; Sserruga, Joseph; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 26-Sep-2014
2003Agriculture in the EU's Eastern Enlargement: The Current Status for CEECsBaker, Derek 30-Sep-2014
2014Assessing Sheep Traders' Preferences in Kenya: a Best-Worst Experiment from Kajiado CountyMtimet, Nadhem; Baker, Derek ; Audho, James; Oyieng, Edwin; Ojango, Julie22-Sep-2014
2018Australian Organic: Market Report 2018Lawson, Andrew ; Cosby, Amy ; Baker, Derek ; Leu, Shawn ; Lefley, Ed; Euromonitor International,; Sahota, Amarjit; Bez, Nick; Christie, Rhiannon20-Jul-2018
2006Branding Behavior in the Danish Food IndustryBaker, Derek ; Baltzer, Kenneth; Moller, Anja Skadaer30-Sep-2014
2014Business and Livelihoods in African Livestock: Investments to overcome information gapsPica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek ; Morgan, Nancy; Ly, Cheik; Nouala, Simplice31-Mar-2014
2017Chain failure and chain goods: Re-thinking value chain upgrading and promotion in developing countriesGriffith, Garry ; Baker, Derek ; Fleming, Euan ; Mounter, Stuart ; Malcolm, Bill; Umberger, Wendy26-Apr-2018
2014Commercializing Smallholder Value Chains for Goats in Mozambique: A System Dynamics ApproachHamza, Kanar; Rich, Karl ; Baker, Derek ; Hendrickx, Saskia3-Nov-2014
2009Concentration in Agribusiness and Marketing: A Case Study of Arla FoodsBaker, Derek ; Graber-Lutzhoft, Kimmie17-Oct-2014
2018Consciously Pursued Joint Action: Agricultural and Food Value Chains as ClubsFleming, Euan ; Griffith, Garry ; Mounter, Stuart ; Baker, Derek 26-Apr-2018
2013Consumer Preferences for Animal Source Foods in Uganda: Quality, Retail Forms and Retail OutletsMtimet, Nadhem; Baker, Derek ; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Jagwe, John2-Sep-2014
2016Consumers' preferences for animal-source foods and retail outlets: The case of TanzaniaBaker, Derek ; Mtimet, Nadhem; Pica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Nsiima, Longin10-Feb-2017
2014Data and indicators for evidence-based livestock sector policies and investmentsPica-Ciamarra, Ugo; Baker, Derek 12-Sep-2014
2010Demand for livestock products in developing countries with a focus on quality and safety attributes: Evidence from case studiesJabbar, Mohammad A; Baker, Derek ; Fadiga, Mohamadou L22-Sep-2014
2011Determinants of participation decisions and level of participation in farm level milk value addition: The case of smallholder dairy farmers in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Getnet, Kindie; Baker, Derek ; Kassa, Belay12-Sep-2014
2015Determinants of Profit Efficiency among Smallholder Beef Producers in BotswanaBahta, Sirak; Baker, Derek 3-Sep-2015
2011Evaluation of research projects: Perspectives for applied research in food and agriculturePedersen, S M; Boesen, M V; Baker, Derek ; Larsen, A; Pedersen, J L27-Oct-2014
2014Factors Affecting Milk Market Participation and Volume of Supply in EthiopiaKuma, Berhanu; Baker, Derek ; Getnet, Kindie; Kassa, Belay2-Sep-2014
2018Food shoppers' share of wallet: A small city case in a changing competitive environmentAzeem, Masood ; Baker, Derek ; Villano, Renato ; Mounter, Stuart ; Griffith, Garry 30-Apr-2018
2015Identification and analysis of smallholder producers' constraints: applications to Tanzania and UgandaBaker, Derek ; Cadilhon, Jo; Ochola, Washington23-Mar-2015