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2004Admission to Charitable Institutions in Colonial Tasmania: from Individual Failing to Social ProblemPiper, A 21-Jul-2008
2005Another Cheated Heir? Unravelling a Tasmanian Mystery: The Story of Sammy Cox, alias 'Samuel Emanuel Jervis'Piper, Andrew 3-Jun-2009
2010Bạch Mã: History and Archaeology at a French Colonial Hill Station, Central Vietnam, 1930-1991Fife, Lawrence Raymond; Beck, Wendy ; Piper, Andrew 17-Jan-2012
2014Chinese Market Gardening in Australia and New Zealand, 1860s - 1960s: A Study in Technology TransferBoileau, Joanna; Wilton, Janis ; Piper, Andrew 23-Mar-2015
2006Collecting and Presenting the PastMcLennan, Nicole; Oates, William ; Piper, A ; Atkinson, AT 5-Aug-2008
2016The Future of the Past - A Cautionary Lesson: Heritage and Financial Mismanagement at the Port Arthur Historic Site, 1987-1996Piper, Andrew 8-Jan-2018
2006High Lean Country: Land, People and Memory in New EnglandAtkinson, AT ; Ryan, JS ; Davidson, I ; Piper, A 5-Aug-2008
2009Introduction to 'Thinking Rail: Lessons from the Past, the Way of the Future'Piper, Andrew ; Haworth, Robert J8-Mar-2010
2009A Love of Liberty: The Manipulation of the Colonial Tasmanian Institutional System by InvalidsPiper, Andrew 31-May-2010
2010"Mind-forg'd Manacles": The Mechanics of Control Inside Late-Nineteenth Century Tasmanian Charitable InstitutionsPiper, Andrew 8-Dec-2010
2012New Zealand Colonial Propaganda: The Use of Cannibalism, Enslavement, Genocide and Myth to Legitimise Colonial ConquestPiper, Andrew 5-Mar-2014
2013Permanent reflections? Public memorialisation in Queensland's Sunshine Coast RegionWindolf, Frances Elizabeth; Wilton, Janis ; Piper, Andrew 14-Nov-2013
11-Mar-2019The Politics of Land Ownership in NSW: A Case StudySmall, Margaret; Piper, Andrew ; Atchison, John 12-Jun-2020
2016Post-Colonialism and the Reinterpretation of New Zealand's Colonial Narrative: Heke's WarPiper, Andrew 8-Jan-2018
2013Post-Colonialism and the Reinterpretation of New Zealand's Colonial Narrative: The Wairua MassacrePiper, Andrew 13-Jan-2015
2006The Role of Invalids in the Establishment of the Launceston General HospitalPiper, A 5-Aug-2008
2009Thinking Rail: Lessons from the past, the way of the futurePiper, Andrew ; Haworth, Robert J18-Mar-2010
2005Train Whistle Blowing: Celebrating 150 years of Australian railways and the culture it has inspiredPiper, Andrew ; Dunnett, Brian5-Mar-2010
2006What is to be done with the men?: The role of invalids in the establishment of the Launceston General HospitalPiper, Andrew 6-May-2009