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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2007An Analysis of the Efficacy of a Motor Skills Training Programme for Young People with Moderate Learning DifficultiesBoyle, Christopher 9-Sep-2014
2009Applied psychology and the case for individual casework: some reflections on the role of the educational psychologistBoyle, Christopher ; Lauchlan, Fraser31-Jul-2014
2008Applying Cognitive Behavioural Methods to Retrain Children's Attributions for Success and Failure in LearningToland, John; Boyle, Christopher 29-Aug-2014
2007Ask the Expert - How to spell obsession: Weekly tests run my boy's lifeBoyle, Christopher 27-Oct-2014
2014Attitudes of preschool and primary school pre-service teachers towards inclusive educationKraska, Jake; Boyle, Chris 3-Jul-2014
2015Australia lags behind the evidence on special schoolsBoyle, Christopher ; Anderson, Jo ; Swayn, Natalie29-Sep-2015
2015Believing You Can is the First Step to Achieving: A CBT and Attribution Retaining Programme to Improve Self-Belief in Students aged 8-12Chodkiewicz, Alicia; Boyle, Chris 11-Jun-2015
2010Can teacher instructions be improved to enhance task completion by primary schoolchildren?Boyle, Christopher ; Lauchlan, Fraser31-Jul-2014
2007The challenge of interviewing adolescents: Which psychotherapeutic approaches are useful in educational psychology?Boyle, Christopher 22-Sep-2014
2014Closing the Gap: The Move to Equality in EducationBoyle, Christopher ; Zhang, Hongzhi; Chan, Philip Wing Keung6-Sep-2014
2014A Comparative Overview of Educational Psychology Across ContinentsBoyle, Chris ; Lauchlan, Fraser7-Mar-2014
2013A Comparison of Australian Pre, Primary and Secondary School Pre-Service Teacher Attitudes to Inclusive EducationGrembecki, Jessica Lee; Boyle, Chris 5-May-2014
2012Conclusion: inclusion comes together piece by pieceBoyle, Christopher ; Topping, Keith7-Apr-2014
2007Counterpoint: New modes of interactingBoyle, Christopher 15-Oct-2014
2015Declining NAPLAN participation rates are likely skewing the dataAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Christopher 17-Jun-2015
2011Digital Interaction: Learning and Social Communication in the Information AgeBoyle, Christopher ; Wurf, Gerald24-Apr-2014
2014Disability funding in schools shouldn't be based on stateBoyle, Chris ; Anderson, Jo 19-Aug-2014
2014The Ecology of Inclusive Education: Reconceptualising BronfenbrennerAnderson, Jo ; Boyle, Christopher ; Deppeler, Joanne6-Sep-2014
2014The ecology of inclusive education: Reconceptualising Bronfenbrenner as a framework for research into inclusionAnderson, Joanna ; Boyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014
2014Editorial - The Death of Difference: Psychology is PsychologyBoyle, Christopher 12-Dec-2014