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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2012Adjusting age at first breeding of albatrosses and petrels for emigration and study durationDillingham, Peter ; Elliott, Graeme P; Walker, Kath J; Fletcher, David24-Dec-2013
2008Application of decision theory to conservation management: recovery of Hector's dolphinsConroy, Michael J; Barker, Richard J; Dillingham, Peter ; Fletcher, David; Gormley, Andrew M; Westbrooke, Ian M24-Dec-2013
2003A Bayesian Approach to Aid in Formulary Decision Making: Incorporating Institution-Specific Cost-Effectiveness Data with Clinical Trial ResultsReed, Shelby D; Dillingham, Peter ; Briggs, Andrew H; Veenstra, David L; Sullivan, Sean D2-Sep-2014
2012Bayesian Methods for Ion Selective ElectrodesDillingham, Peter ; Radu, Tanja; Diamond, Dermot; Radu, Aleksandar; McGraw, Christina 18-Nov-2013
2008Breeding Bird Responses to Silvicultural Treatments in the Klamath Province of OregonDillingham, Colin P; Vroman, Dennis P; Dillingham, Peter 19-Dec-2013
2007Calculating the variance of the finite rate of population change from a matrix model in 'Mathematica'Skalski, John R; Millspaugh, Joshua J; Dillingham, Peter ; Buchanan, Rebecca A19-Aug-2014
2006Correcting Bias in Survival Estimation Resulting From Tag Failure in Acoustic and Radiotelemetry StudiesTownsend, Richard L; Skalski, John R; Dillingham, Peter ; Steig, Tracey W20-Aug-2014
2016Drivers of retention and discards of elasmobranch non-target catchJames, Kelsey C; Lewison, Rebecca L; Dillingham, Peter ; Curtis, K Alexandra; Moore, Jeffrey E6-Apr-2016
2017The effects of external cues on individual and collective behavior of shoaling fishSchaerf, Timothy ; Dillingham, Peter ; Ward, Ashley J W4-Apr-2018
2003Electronic Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Clinical Reminder System Improves Adherence to Practice Guidelines among the University of Washington HIV Study CohortKitahata, Mari M; Dillingham, Peter ; Chaiyakunapruk, Nathorn; Buskin, Susan E; Jones, Jeffrey L; Harrington, Robert D; Hooton, Thomas M; Holmes, King K25-Aug-2014
2008Estimating the ability of birds to sustain additional human-caused mortalities using a simple decision rule and allometric relationshipsDillingham, Peter ; Fletcher, David18-Nov-2013
2013Evaluating sustainability of fisheries bycatch mortality for marine megafauna: a review of conservation reference points for data-limited populationsMoore, Jeff E; Curtis, K Alexandra; Zhou, S; Lewison, Rebecca L; Dillingham, Peter ; Cope, Jason M; Fordham, Sonja V; Heppell, Selina S; Pardo, Sebastian A; Simpfendorfer, Colin A; Tuck, Geoff N27-Nov-2013
2006Fine-scale geographic interactions between Steller sea lion ('Eumetopias jubatus') trends and local fisheriesDillingham, Peter ; Skalski, John R; Ryding, Kristen E28-Aug-2014
2010Generation time and the maximum growth rate for populations with age-specific fecundities and unknown juvenile survivalDillingham, Peter 18-Nov-2013
2016Improved estimation of intrinsic growth rmax for long-lived species: integrating matrix models and allometryDillingham, Peter ; Moore, Jeffrey E; Fletcher, David; Cortes, Enric; Curtis, K Alexandra; James, Kelsey C; Lewison, Rebecca L6-Apr-2016
2013Ion selective electrodes in environmental analysisRadu, Aleksandar; Radu, Tanja; McGraw, Christina ; Dillingham, Peter ; Anastova-Ivanova, Salzitsa; Diamond, Dermot27-Nov-2013
2015Managing catch of marine megafauna: Guidelines for setting limit reference pointsCurtis, K Alexandra; Moore, Jeffrey E; Boyd, Charlotte; Dillingham, Peter ; Lewison, Rebecca L; Taylor, Barbara L; James, Kelsey C18-Feb-2016
2011Model-averaged confidence intervals for factorial experimentsFletcher, David; Dillingham, Peter 24-Dec-2013
2008Modelling of impacts of fishing-related mortality on New Zealand seabird populationsFletcher, David; MacKenzie, Darryl; Dillingham, Peter 16-Oct-2013
2004Pharmacy-based assessment of adherence to HAART predict virologic and immunologic treatment response and clinical progression to AIDS and deathKitahata, Mari M; Reed, Shelby D; Dillingham, Peter ; Van Rompaey, Stephen E; Young, Alicia A; Harrington, Robert D; Holmes, King25-Aug-2014