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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Assessing Musculo-Articular Stiffness Using Free Oscillations: Theory, Measurement and AnalysisDitroilo, Massimiliano; Watsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron ; de Vito, Giuseppe 14-Oct-2014
2015Augmenting performance feedback does not affect 4 km cycling time-trials in the heatWaldron, Mark; Villerius, V; Murphy, Aron 24-Aug-2017
2014Changes in futsal activity profiles in a multiday tournamentDogramaci, Sera; Watsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron 11-Aug-2017
2013A Comparison of Physical Abilities and Match Performance Characteristics Among Elite and Subelite Under-14 Soccer PlayersWaldron, Mark ; Murphy, Aron 13-Oct-2014
2015Differences in Lower-Body Stiffness Between Levels of Netball CompetitionPruyn, Elizabeth; Watsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron 5-Aug-2017
2011Differences in the Kinematics of the Baseball Swing between Hitters of Varying SkillInkster, Brendan; Murphy, Aron ; Bower, Rob; Watsford, Mark13-Oct-2014
2016The effect of low- vs high-cadence interval training on the freely chosen cadence and performance in endurance-trained cyclistsWhitty, Anthony; Murphy, Aron ; Coutts, Aaron J; Watsford, Mark5-Aug-2017
2012The Effects of Different Speed Training Protocols on Sprint Acceleration Kinematics and Muscle Strength and Power in Field Sport AlthletesLockie, Robert G; Murphy, Aron ; Schultz, Adrian B; Knight, Timothy J; Janse de Jonge, Xanne A K7-Oct-2014
2008Effects of estrogen on the mechanical behavior of the human Achilles tendon in vivoBryant, Adam L; Clark, Ross A; Bartold, Simon; Murphy, Aron ; Bennell, Kim L; Hohmann, Erik; Marshall-Gradisnik, Sonya; Payne, Craig; Crossley, Kay M9-Oct-2014
2008The Effects of Respiratory-Muscle Training on Exercise in Older WomenWatsford, Mark; Murphy, Aron 9-Oct-2014
2009Effects of whole body vibration on postural steadiness in an older populationRees, Sven S; Murphy, Aron ; Watsford, Mark L13-Oct-2014
2008Effects of Whole-Body Vibration Exercise on Lower-Extremity Muscle Strength and Power in an Older Population: A Randomized Clinical TrialRees, Sven S; Murphy, Aron ; Watsford, Mark13-Oct-2014
2009Factors associated with the selection of the freely chosen cadence in non-cyclistsWhitty, Anthony G; Murphy, Aron ; Coutts, Aaron J; Watsford, Mark L13-Oct-2014
2011Factors That Differentiate Acceleration Ability in Field Sport AthletesLockie, Robert G; Murphy, Aron ; Knight, Timothy J; Janse de Jonge, Xanne A K3-Oct-2014
2015A Framework to Enhance Privacy-Awareness in Mobile Web SystemsAldhafferi, Nahier Ghaleb S; Miron, David; Murphy, Aron ; Brown, Trevor ; Watson, Charles; Sajeev, Abudulkadir 10-Nov-2015
2013Influence of Sprint Acceleration Stance Kinetics on Velocity and Step Kinematics in Field Sport AthletesLockie, Robert G; Murphy, Aron ; Schultz, Adrian B; Jeffriess, Matthew D; Callaghan, Samuel J9-Oct-2014
2015Interaction Between Leg Muscle Performance and Sprint Acceleration KinematicsLockier, Robert; Jalilvand, Farzad; Callaghan, Samuel; Jeffriess, Matthew; Murphy, Aron 5-Aug-2017
2018Modelling Movement Energetics Using Global Positioning System Devices in Contact Team Sports: Limitations and SolutionsGray, Adrian ; Shorter, Kathleen ; Cummins, Cloe ; Murphy, Aron ; Waldron, Mark 4-Jun-2018
-Modelling the relationships between volume, intensity and injury-risk in professional rugby league playersCummins, Cloe ; Welch, Mitchell ; Inkster, Brendan; Cupples, Balin; Weaving, Dan; Jones, Ben ; King, Doug ; Murphy, Aron 26-Feb-2019
2012Movement Demands and Match Performance in Professional Australian FootballJohnston, Richard J; Watsford, Mark L; Pine, Matthew J; Spurrs, Robert W; Murphy, Aron ; Pruyn, Elizabeth C13-Oct-2014