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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2014'All Good is of Parents' and its Chinese ContextLi, S 16-Dec-2014
2013"Benevolence" of Confucianism in the Eyes of Australian High School TeachersLi, Shi 26-Sep-2013
2007Case Study of a Foreign Language Training Centre in P. R. ChinaLi, Shi 30-Mar-2010
2006Chinese background students' national identities in an Australian government's documentLi, Shi 30-Mar-2010
2010Chinese Curriculum Design and Motivation of Chinese Background Students in Australian Tertiary EducationLi, Shi 30-May-2011
2015Chinese Parents' Role Modeling: Promoting GratitudeLi, S 14-May-2015
2007Chinese-background Students' Learning ApproachesLe, Thao; Li, S 26-Mar-2010
2016Chores, Incubator for a Strong Parent-Child RelationshipLi, Shi 10-Oct-2016
2016Chores, Medicine for a Widespread Lack of Gratitude in the One-child Generations of ChinaLi, Shi 5-Jul-2016
2010A Comparative Study of Approaches to Learning of Chinese Background Students in Australian Educational DiscourseLi, Shi 31-May-2011
2009Comparisons of Learning Strategies Used by Different Chinese-background Students at Australian UniversitiesLi, Shi 26-Mar-2010
2010Comparisons of Motivation of Different Chinese Background Students in Australian Tertiary EducationLi, Shi 30-May-2011
2018Developing Gratitude and Filial Piety: The Role of ChoresLi, Shi ; Sims, Margaret 12-Feb-2019
2007Discourses of Chinese Cultures: A Tale of Many CitiesLi, Shi ; Le, Thao19-Apr-2010
2015Explorations into White Australia's Sense of Superiority over ChineseLi, Shi 15-Feb-2016
2014How to Make a Grateful Child? Reflection on Gratitude Campaigns in China in Recent YearsLi, S 27-Nov-2014
2009International Students in a Foreign DiscourseLi, Shi 30-Mar-2010
2016A mechanism for gratitude development in a childLi, Shi 18-Apr-2016
2013The Moral Dilemma and Social Disadvantages of Placing Unique Emphasis on the Filial ChildLi, Shi 12-Nov-2013
2017The Nexus Between Routine Household Chores and a Filial HeartLi, Shi 17-Jan-2017