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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2009Addressing the Survival Versus Psi Debate Through Process-Focused Mediumship ResearchBeischel, Julie; Rock, Adam J 1-Jun-2022
28-Dec-2018Adult attachment and social anxiety: The mediating role of emotion regulation strategiesRead, Darryl L; Clark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
2020Adult attachment, worry and reassurance seeking: Investigating the role of intolerance of uncertaintyClark, Gavin ; Rock, Adam ; Clark, Laura H ; Murray-Lyon, Kerrin 5-May-2022
2021The Advancement of Transpersonal Psychological Science: A Neurophenomenological TrajectoryRock, Adam J ; Laughlin, Charles D23-May-2022
2021Advances in Parapsychological Research 10Krippner, Stanley; Rock, Adam J ; Friedman, Harris L; Zingrone, Nancy L3-Jun-2022
2013Advances in Parapsychological Research: 9Krippner, Stanley; Rock, Adam John ; Beischel, Julie; Friedman, Harris L; Fracasso, Cheryl L11-May-2015
2016Allow Me to Introduce My Selves: An Introduction to and Phenomenological Study of Voice Dialogue TherapyBerchik, Zohar E; Rock, Adam J ; Friedman, Harris31-May-2022
2008Altered Experience Mediates the Relationship between Schizotypy and Mood Disturbance during Shamanic-Like JourneyingRock, Adam ; Abbott, Gavin; Kambouropoulos, Nicolas1-Jun-2022
2015Anomalous Cognition and Psychokinesis Research in Australia and Asian LabsStorm, Lance; Rock, Adam J 15-Jul-2015
2015Anomalous Information Reception by Research Mediums Under Blinded Conditions II: Replication and ExtensionBeischel, Julie; Boccuzzi, Mark; Biuso, Michael; Rock, Adam John 2-Jun-2015
14-Jan-2021Attachment style, thought suppression, self-compassion and depression: Testing a serial mediation modelMurray, Clara V ; Jacobs, Juno Irma-Louise; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
2022The Case for Postmortem Survival from the Winners of the Bigelow Institute for Consciousness Studies Essay Contest: A Level of Evidence AnalysisTressoldi, Patrizio; Rock, Adam J ; Pederzoli, Luciano; Houran, James20-Jun-2022
Mar-2008Conceptualizing Craving: Extrapolations from Consciousness StudiesRock, Adam J ; Kambouropoulos, Nicolas3-Jun-2022
14-Sep-2010Constructivism and Shamanic Experiences: A Psychological StudyRock, Adam 9-Jun-2022
2016Cue-Reactive Altered State of Consciousness Mediates the Relationship Between Problem-Gambling Severity and Cue-Reactive Urge in Poker-Machine GamblersTricker, Christopher; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin 24-May-2016
Dec-2020Cue-Reactive Imagery Mediates the Relationships of Reward Responsiveness with Both Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble and Positive Affect in Poker-Machine GamblersDale, Gerard; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 5-May-2022
Sep-2017Cue-Reactive Rationality, Visual Imagery and Volitional Control Predict Cue-Reactive Urge to Gamble in Poker-Machine GamblersClark, Gavin I ; Rock, Adam J ; McKeith, Charles F A; Coventry, William L 31-Mar-2021
2020Defining Spiritual Emergency: A Content Validity StudyHarris, Kylie P ; Rock, Adam J ; Clark, Gavin I 18-May-2022
2011Demystifying Shamans and Their World: A Multidisciplinary StudyRock, Adam John ; Krippner, Stanley24-Jun-2013
2014Discarnate Readings By Claimant Mediums: Assessing Phenomenology And Accuracy Under Beyond Double-Blind ConditionsRock, Adam John ; Beischel, Julie; Boccuzzi, Mark; Biuso, Michael30-Apr-2015