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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2011Aboriginal youth, hip hop and the politics of identificationMorgan, George; Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013
2012All washed up: have surf megabrands forgotten their roots?Warren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris15-May-2013
2011Blue-collar creativity: reframing custom-car culture in the imperilled industrial cityWarren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris15-May-2013
2013A city that makes things: reconstituting manufacturingGibson, Chris; Warren, Andrew 6-Mar-2014
2012Cool places, creative places? Community perceptions of cultural vitality in the suburbsGibson, Chris; Brennan-Horely, Chris; Laurenson, Beth; Riggs, Naomi; Warren, Andrew ; Gallan, Ben; Brown, Heidi15-May-2013
2012A Country that Makes Things?Gibson, Chris; Carr, Chantel; Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013
2013Crafting Regional Cultural Production: emergence, crisis and consolidation in the Gold Coast surfboard industryWarren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris19-Dec-2013
2012Engaging Creative Communities in an Industrial City Setting: A question of enclosureGibson, Chris; Gallan, Ben; Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013
2010Geographic Information Technologies for cultural research: cultural mapping and the prospects of colliding epistemologiesGibson, Chris; Brennan-Horley, Chris; Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013
2012Indigenous Hip-hop: overcoming marginality, encountering constraintsWarren, Andrew ; Evitt, Rob19-Jun-2013
2010Indigenous Hip-hop: overcoming marginality, encountering constraintsWarren, Andrew ; Evitt, Rob15-May-2013
2014Killing Sharks: cultures and politics of encounter and the seaGibbs, Leah; Warren, Andrew 19-May-2014
2014Making Surfboards: Emergence of a Trans-Pacific Cultural IndustryGibson, Chris; Warren, Andrew 24-Jun-2014
2013Making Things in a High-Dollar Australia: The Case of the Surfboard Industry‚ÄčWarren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris15-May-2013
-Manufacturing on the move? Beyond the high dollar in the debate about making things in Australia - the case of the Australian surfboard industryWarren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris15-May-2013
2013Pimp my ride: mapping vernacular creativity in an industrial cityWarren, Andrew 25-Mar-2014
2013Regaining their "cool": can the big three surf brands recover?Warren, Andrew 12-Nov-2013
2011Review of 'Notes for a young surfer', by Clifton Evers, Melbourne, Melbourne University Press, 2010, 172 pp., $24.95 (paperback), ISBN 978-0-522-85489-3Warren, Andrew 15-May-2013
2014Surfing Places, Surfboard Makers: Craft, Creativity, and Cultural Heritage in Hawai'i, California, and AustraliaWarren, Andrew ; Gibson, Chris24-Apr-2014
2008'Talking Shit over a Brew after a Good Session with your Mates': surfing, space and masculinityWarren, Andrew ; Waitt, Gordon17-May-2013