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2009The 'Carex' Fen vegetation of northern New South WalesHunter, John T ; Bell, Dorothy 2-Feb-2010
2008The effect of microhabitats on vegetation and its relationships with seedlings and soil seed bank in a Mediterranean coastal sand dune communityYu, S; Bell, Dorothy ; Sternberg, M; Kutiel, P15-Mar-2010
2012Ephemeral wetlands of the Pilliga Outwash, northwest NSWBell, Dorothy ; Hunter, John T ; Montgomery, Lisa10-Apr-2013
2014A Holocene record of climate and hydrological changes from Little Llangothlin Lagoon, south eastern AustraliaWoodward, Craig; Shulmeister, James; Bell, Dorothy ; Haworth, Robert; Jacobsen, Geraldine; Zawadzki, Atun23-Dec-2014
2009Impact of microhabitats on the heterogeneity of seedling emergence in a Mediterranean coastal sand dunes communityYu, Shunli; Bell, Dorothy ; Kutiel, Pua Bar16-Mar-2010
2008Montane lakes (lagoons) of the New England Tablelands BioregionBell, Dorothy ; Hunter, John T ; Haworth, Robert John3-Nov-2009
2008The potential role of waterbirds in dispersing invertebrates and plants in arid AustraliaGreen, AJ; Jenkins, Kim M ; Bell, Dorothy ; Morris, Phil ; Kingsford, Richard T1-Dec-2010
2013Season and timing of moisture availability predict composition of montane shrub-dominated wetlands at distributional limits in eastern AustraliaHunter, John T ; Bell, Dorothy 19-Jul-2013
2004Seed-bank dynamics of 'Eleocharis': can spatial and temporal variability explain habitat segregation?Bell, Dorothy ; Clarke, Peter John 29-Oct-2009
2007Vegetation of montane bogs in east-flowing catchments of northern New England, New South WalesHunter, John T ; Bell, Dorothy 5-Nov-2009