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Publication DateTitleAuthor(s)Date Added
2006Aboriginal ArchaeologyBeck, Wendy Elizabeth 5-May-2009
2005Aboriginal ecotourism and archaeology in coastal NSW, Australia: Yarrawarra Place Stories ProjectBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Murphy, D; Perkins, C; Perkins, T; Smith, Anita Jane; Somerville, Margaret Jean 30-Apr-2009
2015Aboriginal resources change through time in New England upland wetlands, south-east AustraliaBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Haworth, Robert; Appleton, John 12-May-2015
2003The Archaeology of No man's land: Indigenous camps at Corindi Beach, mid-north coast New South WalesSmith, Anita Jane; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 22-May-2009
2008Archaeology Teaching and Learning in Australia 2003-2008: Perspectives from the AcademyBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Clarke, Catherine Therese11-Aug-2009
2010Are you reading me? Narrative and the student experience in education for archaeologyClarke, Catherine Therese; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain ; Panizzon, Debra21-Jul-2011
8-Apr-2017Artefact Disturbance in the New England Tablelands: Elucidating the Factors Harming Archaeological SitesHoward, Paul; Beck, Wendy ; Ridges, Malcolm 4-Oct-2019
1998Axe-making and Axe Distribution from Two Quarries in East AustraliaCliff, Roderick Simon; Davidson, Iain ; Beck, Wendy 22-Feb-2013
2010Bạch Mã: History and Archaeology at a French Colonial Hill Station, Central Vietnam, 1930-1991Fife, Lawrence Raymond; Beck, Wendy ; Piper, Andrew 17-Jan-2012
2005Benchmarking for archaeology honours degrees in Australian universitiesBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Balme, J1-May-2009
2006'A Cappella' and Diva: A Collaborative Process for Individual Academic WritingBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Dunne, Kerry ; Fisher, Josephine A ; O'Sullivan, Jane; Sheridan, Alison Jane 26-May-2009
2005Conversations between disciplines: historical archaeology and oral history at YarrawarraBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Somerville, Margaret Jean 1-May-2009
2003Dry rainforests: A productive habitat for Australian hunter-gatherersBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Balme, Jane25-May-2009
2002Embodied Places in Indigenous ecotourism: the Yarrawarra research projectBeck, Wendy Elizabeth ; Somerville, Margaret J 26-May-2009
19-Jun-2019Escaping from the City Means More than a Cheap House and a 10-Minute CommuteSheridan, Alison ; O'Sullivan, Jane; Fisher, Josie; Dunne, Kerry ; Beck, Wendy 4-Mar-2020
2018Heterotic water policy futures using place agency, vernacular knowledge, transformative learning and syncretic governanceBartel, Robyn ; Noble, Louise ; Beck, Wendy Elizabeth 1-Dec-2017
1997The importance of quartz in stone artefact assemblages: A technological analysis of five Aboriginal sites of the Coonabarabran/Warrumbungle regionGaynor, Patrick John; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain ; Morwood, Michael12-Oct-2010
2007Inscribing the Plains: Constructed, Conceptualised and Socialized Landscapes of the Hay Plain, South Eastern AustraliaMartin, Sarah; Beck, Wendy ; Davidson, Iain 18-May-2015
2009Molecular Taphonomy: An Experimental and Empirical Study of Archaeological Ceramic Residues from Central and Western TurkeyCraig, Todd James; Grave, Peter ; Beck, Wendy 18-Sep-2009
2006Narratives of World Heritage in Travel GuidebooksBeck, Wendy Elizabeth 4-May-2009